37 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas... Do Any Of These Work? Thoughts/opinions Are Welcome! Help

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by KaitlynR, May 28, 2018.

  1. KaitlynR

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    Hi there! I just got a 37 gallon tank as a gift, and it is unusually tall! (30 L x 12 W x 22 H) So I've tried to put together some stock lists, but I don't want the entire upper half of the tank to go unused.... So all advice/opinions is welcome! I would also like to mention the tank will be overfiltered as well (I'm thinking an Aquaclear 50 or 70).

    Peaceful Community Idea 1
    • Angelfish x1
    • Harlequin Rasboras x10
    • Swordtails x3 (1 M: 2 F)
    Tetra Community
    • Blue Emperor Tetra x12
    • Ember Tetra x10
    • Lemon Tetra x8
    Pea Puffer Sanctuary
    • Pea Puffers x7
    Barb Community
    • Tiger Barbs x6
    • Green Tiger Barbs x6
    Community Idea
    • Gold Gourami OR Blue Gourami OR Opaline Gourami x1
    • Rummynose Tetras OR Cherry Barbs OR Lemon Tetras x8
    • Swordtails x3 (1M:2F)
    • Panda Cories x6
    Any thoughts or recommendations?

    Edit: I want to mention that I really also like the idea of doing a killifish only tank (clown killies, lyretail killies, etc.). As well as a rainbowfish only tank! I have a thing for spotted blue eyes...
  2. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    Here's another idea

    Killifish Tank
    • Clown Killifish x6
    • Lyretail Killifish x3
    • Gardneri Killifish x5
  3. finnipper59

    finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    Iii personally like your last community idea. You could even substitute a betta instead of a Gourami. Make sure you stay away from dwarf gouramis...a lot of disease problems lately coming in from Singapore breeders. And don't keep just 1 angel fish. They are semi schoolers and should be kept in pairs. Your community idea will give you a lot of movement especially if you keep 6 of the same species of cories for the bottom. They are almost comical the way they nudge each other when schooling. Just be patient and add just a few at a time or 1 species at a time so the biological filter can stay caught up. Add them at least 1 week apart checking water perameters first. Good luck with what you decide.

  4. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    Can I do 2 angelfish in a 37 gallon?
  5. finnipper59

    finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    Yes. 2 Angels, a school of midrange schoolers, and 6 cories. You still add a single Gourami or betta. But no more than two angels and I suggest you get them small or medium. Th adjust to other fish species easier, they grow fast...and a lot cheaper than full grown.

  6. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    Would angels do okay with spotted blue eyes?
  7. finnipper59

    finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    Yes. Angelfish are cichlid and will eat baby fish that will fit in their mouths, but the are not chompers that will kill and eat just any smaller fish otherwise. They will keep to themselves and leave other species alone. That's another good reason to get them as juveniles.
  8. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Responses in green above :)

    I would go with just the lyretail or just the gardneri, not both. This stocking will leave a lot of empty space, as the killis (especially the clowns) like to stay near the surface.

    I would not. Adult angels are big, and there just isn't room for two to swim, especially if they don't get along (which is very possible with angels - they can be bullies).

    No. The blue eyes are too timid to be kept with the larger and more aggressive and boisterous angels.
  9. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    I have so many questions!

    1) Community tank 1: If i take out the swordtails, can i change my harlequin rasboras to something like a blue emperor tetra or a lemon tetra and increase size in the school, and then add a cory for the bottom (or perhaps just a pleco)?

    2) in regards to the community idea using a gourami as a center piece: Would a powder blue dwarf gourami work instead? Also- What if I forgo the whole gourami idea and go for rams instead? thoughts?

    3) is it possible to do a killifish-only tank? I just find them so beautiful but hate that they all tend to stay towards the surface...
  10. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    @TexasDomer I really want to do a tank that people don't usually do just because I'm so used to my nano tanks and nano fish.... :p i want something different that people will look at and say "wow!"
  11. finnipper59

    finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    Go for the rams. All dwarf species of the dwarf gouramis have gettin a lot of disease problems that have been coming from Singapore breeders.
  12. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Green above again!

    There are so many nano species that are uncommon though, and I feel like they're really a sight to behold in slightly larger tanks where they can be in larger groups. A 37 gal with those dimensions isn't really that big, but you still have lots of oddball/unique species options.

    You can get healthy dwarf gouramis, especially if you get them from a reputable source.
  13. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    You've been so helpful, im so thankful haha! Alright. I like those three ideas you gave me and I think that helped me narrow down wayyyy better.

    Any oddballs/unique fish you're particular fond of? I have a thing for glass catfish.....
  14. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Happy to help!

    Glass cats could be worked into this!

    You could do something like this:

    8x Glass cats
    10-15x Clown killis or another nano species
    10x Cories (one species) or kuhlis
    2x Killis (gardneri or another species) or 2x honey gouramis

    Peacock gudgeons would be another fun option.

    So many oddball/unique fish, but a lot depends on what's available to you. Would you order fish online? Or are you limited to what your LFS has in stock?
  15. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    Ooo i love that stock idea..... oh my gosh, so many options.

    Peacock gudgeons are another type i've always wanted to try!! they're so beautiful.

    The only store near me is a p...*mart, who I actually went and visited this weekend and saw a lot of their fish with ich..... yikes... won't be buying from them.

    Online is basically the only way for me right now :)
  16. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    @TexasDomer any way to stock kuhlis, with glass cats and peacock gudgeons?
  17. david1978

    david1978Fishlore VIPMember

    Texasdomer will correct me if im wrong. Lol. But i think you could swap out the cories for the loaches and the guomies for the grudgeons.
  18. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you! :)
  19. finnipper59

    finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    The swap outs would work out ok. Just make sure your getting the loaches you want for activity because many of them are nocturnal and will even hide because they don't like bright lighting.
  20. OP

    KaitlynRWell Known MemberMember

    I already have 6 :) you’re right! My kuhli loaches are nocturnal and don’t like the light all that much, so I plan to rarely turn it on. I’ll get some floating plants and I plan to do a lot of foliage and driftwood for covereage as well.

    It’s hilarious watching my noodles dance when it’s about to rain though. They’re so cute.

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