37 Gallon Stocking

  1. fighter55 Member Member

    Hi Everyone! I'm a bit new to fishlore, so I'm just getting the hang of things. I've had a 26 gallon fish-only tank for about a year now, so I think I'm ready to upgrade. My LFS has a 37 gallon tank on hold for me, and it's dimensions are: 30"W x 12"D x 22"H. I've looked at some fish, and some candidates for the tank are: 1-2 Elecrtric Yellow Cichlids, 1 Red-Tailed Shark, 2 Honey-Sunset Gourami's, 5 Panda Cory's, 4 Albino Cory's, and 8 Cherry Barbs. I don't expect all of these fish to be in the tank, as some fish(like probably the gourami and cichlids) are meant to be chosen, one or the other.
  2. Kent799 Initiate Member

    I'd say the 37 gal. tank is too small for two Electric Yellow Cichlid since they get up to 5". Just my opinion. I'd go with the Gourami's instead. They're really pretty and mine have all been very active. I've had a Red-Tailed Shark in with 3 Dwarf Gouramis and he was pretty aggressive towards them. That's all I can offer. I hope you get some more opinions.
  3. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't do the cichlids in this size tank. The corys I would pick one kind and get more of them, I would lean towards the pandas as they don't get as big as the albinos. I would do like 10 of them. Then I'd bump the cherrys up to 10.

    So I would do a stocking list with something like this....
    -2 Honey DGs
    -10 Panda Cory cats
    -10 Cherry barbs
    -1 BN pleco
    -10 Hatchet Fish
    -2-3 Platy for a little pop of color.

    Added the last ones just to give some other suggestions.
  4. QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    I don't think RTS are a good coice for 37 gallon tank. They grow big and are VERY aggresive.

    Maybe you could do this

    -8 rummynose tetras
    -1 male pearl gourami, 2 female pearl gouramis
    -6 bottom dwellers(cories, kuhlis)
  5. fighter55 Member Member

    Just wondering: would gouramis pick on kuhli loaches? Instead of a BN Pleco, would 2 African Dwarf Frogs work?
  6. James95 Well Known Member Member

    Depends on what type of gouramis you're considering.
    I wouldn't put African dwarf frogs in such a deep tank, as they would have a very hard time getting to the top for food and air.

    By the way, welcome to FishLore! :;hi1
  7. fighter55 Member Member

    I was looking at Dwarf Gouramis or Honey-Sunset Gouramis- 1 female and 1 male
  8. James95 Well Known Member Member

    Either one would work well. Unless you plan on trying to breed them, I would stick with females. Male gouramis of any species tend to get unruly as adults.
  9. fighter55 Member Member

    Ok I just thought I'd get a male since usually they have more color. Plus: I just checked with my LFS's and they do not have any bristelnose's, so I'd have to special order one. Are there any replacements for BN's?
  10. James95 Well Known Member Member

    Rubber lips and otto catfish are two viable replacements. If you decide to add the ottos, I would add 3-4. They stay small but are very proficient at removing algae :)
  11. fighter55 Member Member

    Ok thanks! My LFS's I'm pretty sure have both, so now I guess I have to choose.
  12. James95 Well Known Member Member

    I would get the otto cats. In my opinion, they are a much better looking fish ;)
  13. bigblue55 Member Member

    I heard that Rubber Lip's can get aggressive, and at 10 inches full-grown, it might harass Kuhli Loaches, which are bottom feeders too. I think Otto's might be a better choice.
  14. fighter55 Member Member

    Otto's it is! Thanks for all the help everyone!:) I'll be sure to post pics once the tank is up and running!
  15. James95 Well Known Member Member

    There is a bit of variability in the maximum size. Personally, I've never seen one over 6 inches. I think they probably could reach 10 inches but it's not nearly as likely as 6-8 inches.
  16. QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    Can't wait to see it!
  17. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    There are also clown plecos and if you get ottos I'd get more as in 8-10. They are happier in larger groups. I would wait until you have a good amount of algae growing for them tho.

    As for the gouramis if you go with the smaller guys you can get multiple honey gouramis and they are usually fine. I would say you could get 2 maybe 3 and be fine in a 37 gallon. The regular DGs are the evil little bugars.
  18. fighter55 Member Member

    Ok, do this is what I think the stock is: 2-3 Honey Gouramis, 4 Kuhli Loaches, 8 Otto Cats, 8 Cherry Barbs, 10 Tetras, 2 Platys, 2 Swordtails. Anyone have any last minute suggestions? Also, just so everyone knows, BigBlue55 is my brother, and we share the same computer(there was confusion with the IP Address). Thanks again for all the help everyone! :)
  19. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Personally I'd drop the honey gouramis to 2 then I would pick either the platy OR the swordtails and bump the kuhli loaches to 10. They do much better in groups as well. You'll be much more likely to see them if you have more.

    I'd also probably bump the cherrys up to 10 just because.

    What kind of "tetra" are you looking at getting. There are many types and 10 of one kind may be fine but 10 of another may not work at all.
  20. fighter55 Member Member

    I like Platys better, so I'll get 3 platys. What gender should I get for the honeys and platys? I can manage platy fry, but if the honeys mate they will become territorial. For the tetras I was thinking of getting phantom or cardinal tetras, but I'm open to more choices. I don't want anything nippy, just for the sake of keeping peace in the tank. Also: what would be the best "material"(gravel, sand, substrate) for the bottom of the tank? I know kuhlis like to burrow in the sand, but would the other fish prefer something else?