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Hey guys! I have a new 37 gallon and I’m thinking about the fish I want to put in.
It’s a long tank, like 80 cm long x 35 cm depth x 60 cm tall, and it will be planted.
I thought:
2 pairs of Honey Gouramis (or dwarf?)
1 single (or a pair?) German ram
1 (or more?) Rainbow Shark
some khulI loaches
some colombian tetras
some platys
some black neon tetras I guess
some guppies since I already have them

And my mom loves the blood red parrot fish and how he smiles, I’m thinking about having it somehow, would he eat my guppies?

You can see I have a lot of questions, please help your fellow fish friend


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If you go with multiple GouramI go with Honey, DG's can be very aggressive.
German Rams need over 82f to thrive and don't cope well in cooler conditions.
Rainbow Sharks ideally need a 4 ft aquarium, as they mature they can get quite territorial.

I'm not sure about the Parrot fish, you could go with Bolivian Rams instead of German.


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Agree with above.

Another thing I would mention, blood parrots are big bulky fish where they may be a little too big for your tank (and your rather peaceful community.

I'd honestly skip on the colombians, I think they are a little too large for your tank and do much better with horizontal room rather than vertical.

You may have issues with the guppies and the gourami, but keep the surface well planted and you should be fine.

Something like this could work:
- 2 pairs of honeys
- 1 Bolivian ram
- 4-5 guppies (males)
- 8 tetras (black neons)
- 8-10 kuhlies

And that would be a pretty well stocked interesting tank full of colour.

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