37 gal with 10gal sump

Discussion in 'Protein Skimmer' started by SteierFoam, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. SteierFoam

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    I am currently starting a brand new 37 gal tank with a 10 gal sump, I am new to the salt water gig and need recommendations on a protien skimmer. I want the smallest, due to 10 gallon sump, but most effective protein skimmer with $200, any ideas?
  2. ATP

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    BAK_PAK 2 Skimmers :) lol I allready suggested this

    some others:
    ASM Mini-G Skimmer-
    SWC Xtreme 120 cone (spend like 50 bucks more and get this powerflu skimmer)-
    Vertex 80-
    Reef Octopus Needle Wheel-

    Most of this skimmers are good skimmer and requires space. That's why I said go with th fuge only and HOB skimmer or you could just do a sump and no fuge. You could also do an outsite sump fuge. It's a sperate containers only for a refugim.
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    Thanks again ATP, I'm just still new and trying to desipher all of the information. A sump only might be the way to go, I think i'm gunna purchase A nice skimmer, and return pump, and throw them in my tank and see if i can squeeze in a refug. If i can't like you said, it is hard to rig up a seperate refugium chamber? Would i be able to just do a mini overflow into the return pump chamber of the sump? I would also just split the overflow drain from the main tank to drain in skimmer and seperate refuge... but hom will i get water from seperate refuge back to return chamber in sump?