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36g Stocking Advice

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Dinoknight, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Dinoknight Valued Member Member

    I am about halfway stocked with my 36g, some may have seen the previous threads, I would like opinions on if this will work. Current plan is:

    - 12 Black Neon Tetras (Already in the tank)
    - 12 WCMM (5 already in tank)
    - 10 - 12 Panda Corydoras (4 already)
    - 20 ember tetras (none yet)​
    Will this work, or should I cut down on the ember tetra school size, also should I have 10 or 12 panda cories? I have my doubts due to the fact that from past retrospect of my stocking, I do somewhat overstock, so I would like opinions on if this is workable. I plan to have several Fluval C-2's for the filters, and an adjustable heater at 74 F. Tank is fully cycled, but is behind schedule due to an incident involving the existing pack of cories losing 5 of their numbers for an unknown cause, with the last 2 flat out disappearing. Some may remember the initial incident as well... In that case, the tank had fully cycled soon after, but 'bout two days after that, yet another cory died, and then 2 more disappeared the day after that, and I haven't seen anything but a dorsal fin floating around several weeks back... My guess is that they died and the tetras got the bodies, though apparently they were not diseased, as no fish have since been sick, but that left me with 1 out of an original 6 cories, and so, a few weeks later, I went ahead and bought a small group, so as to not put to much of a load on the tank. Anywho, advice as to whether this stocking plan is alright?

    - Dino

  2. Marijn Lange Valued Member Member

    I’d wait a couple of weeks with adding fish as you haven’t figured out why some of your fish died.

    Besides that, I think adding 20 ember tetra’s is a bit too much for a 36 gallon. You will have around 50 fish in a 36 gallon, I have around 30 in my 100 gallon and i’m already thinking thats on the edge.
  3. RyanC14 Valued Member Member

  4. watermelon46 Valued Member Member

    That's a lot of small schooling fish. If I were you I'd get a schooling small fish group, a large/medium centerpiece and a clean up crew.
    The cories would be good for a cuc but I would cut at least one of the types of little fishes and get perhaps a gourami pair, and maybe even something else if you cut two of the schools.
    I guess this is just an opinion but having so many schools can be confusing
  5. Dinoknight Valued Member Member

    Okay, thank you for the suggestions, I have a suspicion as to what killed those fish, but I have not lost a fish in over a month, and nobody is acting out of the ordinary, my thinking is that there was an outbreak of a disease in the neon tetra tank, and the net I used to remove them to the hospital tank got washed, but i am wondering if it remained on the net. @Marijn Lange, I have seen your 100g parameters, 15 cardinal tetras, 2 rams and 2 SAEs is heavily understocked, you could easily stay in the clear with 60 cardinals, 6 rams, and 2 SAEs. @RyanC14, embers are literally smaller than shrimp, about .6 to .7 inches, but I do think you have a good idea in cutting the numbers, would 15 be okay? I am not one for centerpiece fish, is why I ask.

    - Dino
  6. RyanC14 Valued Member Member

    15 is probably fine