36G bowfront idea. suggestions?

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    Planning well ahead for our 36G (30x12-15x21). There are always stocking conflicts between the wife and I. Luckily I think I found a solution that'll please her and me. This will be a planted aquarium btw. Our water is neutral and slightly hard. For a more mid-level schooling fish I was thinking praecox rainbows (dwarf neons). These would take the place of the neon tetras she always wants but end up getting eaten or die. Luckily they share similar colors to a certain extent, except the rainbows are prettier (IMO) and bigger/safer. I do not want to get rid of my dwarf cories (currently have 7). So they will be added, along with a long-fin red BN pleco. For a bottom dweller I want to try a cockatoo apistogramma (not wild caught). And for a top dweller, a paradise fish or pearl gourami. Thoughts?

    *6 dwarf neon rainbows (3m/3f)
    *7 pygmy cories
    *1 BN pleco
    *1 cockatoo apisto (bottom)
    *1 paradise fish (top)

    Also want it to be a medium light tank, dosing with flourish, excel, and root tabs. Plants ideas include:
    *sword (1)
    *bacopa caroliniana
    *anubias coffefolia
    *crypt wendtii-bronze
    *windelov fern
    *dwarf hair grass
    *flame moss
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