36 Gallon Restocking

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by RosesinMay, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. RosesinMay

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    So I need some restocking advice on my 36 gallon. I've lost all my cories & most of my platies + a Danio & need to restock & I'm not sure what I want to put in.

    Tank is 36 gallon bowfront, temp 75, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate around 10 with Nitrazorb in filter, PH 7.9-8 (tap is higher). Aquaclear 70, Mopani & Spiderwood, some live plants. Sand bottom.

    Current stock:
    2 Adult platies
    5 tiny platy fry
    5 long finned danio
    2 BN plecos
    3 nerite snails

    I plan on adding another LF Danio to bring them back up to 6. I have not had any success with cories (have tried skunk & panda both in there & all have gradually died) so regretfully I don't want to add any more cories. :(

    I do have a plan for extra platy babies if we get too many. The tank is not set up for fry to survive on their own. The babies that have survived are from several different Moms & several different births & we moved the survivors we found to a breeder box. So I'm not worried about being overrun.

    The plan is to add some mystery snails & some more live plants next week. I am planning on ordering from Aquatic Arts so if they carry the fish I want I can order at the same time if they have them. Is there another place I could order from with reasonable success that has more fish in stock?

    What other fish would work with what I have? I've thought about Celestial Pearl Danios. I don't want to do neons or cardinal tetras due to my PH situation.

    Would shrimp be an option? I don't necessarily want to breed them but I'd like the adults to not get eaten.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. T'sTropicalTanks

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    I would add another adult platy, a pair of Bolivian rams,4 praecox rainbows, and 6 rummynose tetras. Maybe a flame gourami if he can handle the danios. You may add some CPDs but they'll most likely school with ur longfinns. As for bottom dwellers, instead of cories you could add zebra loaches, preferably 4. But with loaches, you cannot add any shrimp.
  3. aquatickeeper

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    Plecos have big bioloads, so I don't recommend 2 BN plecos in a 36 gallon.

    You can try this stock:

    7x platies (adults and fry)
    6x long fin danios/zebra danios/leopard danios/glo danios (you can mix them together and have 6 total or just only get long fin danios)
    1x BN pleco
    6x salt and pepper cories
    3x nerite snails
  4. OP

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    I can't seem to keep Cories alive which is a shame as I really like them. Water is testing fine & I can't find a reason for it. I'm looking for another type of fish to put in since I'm not going to replace the Cories again.
  5. aquatickeeper

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  6. OP

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    I've thought about Kuhlis. How do they do with a sand bottom?
  7. Anders247

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    Sand is ideal for them.
  8. aquatickeeper

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    Agree with Anders.