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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by platy21, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. platy21Well Known MemberMember

    Hey everyone,

    So I have been back and forth with what to do with my 36 gallon bowfront for months now. It had been sitting there with a bunch of driftwood, rocks, and piles upon piles of anubias. Well this past week I decided to take the plunge and sell off my driftwood and anubias bunches and start over. This tank has been up for several years and it is now empty save for one bristlenose pleco. I am basically starting from scratch for aquascaping and stocking. It currently has natural sand substrate but even that I am willing to swap. So my question for you is, if you had an empty 36 gallon sitting around (save for one BN pleco) what would you do with it?

    I'm tossing around all kinds of ideas in my head as to what to do and how to scape it. My LFS said they are getting a large order of spiderwood in next week, which I have never used by am definitely interested in. The previous iterations of this tank were very crowded with large pieces of driftwood and rocks, so this time I want to try to go with more open spaces. I've been reading up on aquascaping to get some ideas. Once I see the different hardscape materials the LFS gets in I can move forward with a more concrete plan. However- if you were in this situation what would be your top stocking ideas? Looking forward to seeing everyone's ideas!

    Some Specs-
    Fluval 306
    AquaClear 50
    Eheim heater
    Satellite Freshwater LED +
  2. TeslaValued MemberMember

    You have plenty of filtration for the tank, I would go for a center piece fish like angelfish and have cardinals around them
    - 2 Angelfish
    - 10 to 12 Cardinal Tetras
    - 1 BN Pleco

    This would probably be around full capacity / load for the tank and with regular maintenance you would keep the fishes happy :)
  3. platy21Well Known MemberMember

    While I do enjoy angelfish, I have a pair in my 60 I probably should have mentioned.

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