36 Gallon Bow Front Stocking..

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    craigmac Initiate Member

    Hi folks, 1st post. Needing some guidance. I currently have 9 cherry barbs, 3 gold platys and 3 pepper cory cats. I would maybe like to add 10 or so neon tetras. Also, should I add more platys and cats? If so how many or should I leave them alone? I would appreciate any info, thanks for the help. Also, the tank is about a month old , PH 7.6, ammonia 0.25
  2. OP

    craigmac Initiate Member

    I am also open to any other fish ideas, let me know.
  3. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't add any more platies - they're not schooling fish and add more will take up more bioload space.

    Definitely add more cories of the same species - they need to be in groups. 8-10 would be a good final number.

    Peppered cories prefer low temps, around 72 F, so that limits you a bit on stocking. Cherry barbs are fine with 72 F. 10 neons would be great!

    What about also adding a Bolivian ram for the bottom level of the tank?