10 Gallon Tank 35 L (9 gal) planted tank


A few days ago I got a 9 gallon tank for free. Now I'm starting to set it up, although I'm not finished yet - busy schedule.
I am planning to keep a small school of Corydoras trilineatus there. I know that they supposed to have at least 10 gallons, but it's just 1 gallon short, so I'm thinking, as long as it's not heavily stocked, they should be fine. The only other fish I'm keeping with them will be a single endler. I bought it yesterday, it has a beautiful metalic-neon cerulean blue colour. Does anyone know which variety it is - I don't find this exact look when I google endler breeds. I named him Zaphod. He's hard to take pictures of, because he's so active.


I'm also planning to add some blue Neocaridinas, and some pink ramshorn snails. If they breed to the level that it affects bioload, I'll just dump the snails to my 30 gal with barbs who love to eat them, and sell the surplus shrimp.
The scape is done with this intended stocking in mind. Substrate is dark sand, and some plant substrate (also fine structure, in case it gets dug up) underneath. Hardscape is a single but rather large piece of Mopani wood I fished out of my big tank, with African fern already grown all over it. I glued a pleco cave to its base for stability. I'm thinking of adding an emersed plant to its top, maybe a papyrus or peace lilly. I made a moss wall, which will give a lot of plant coverage without using up open substrate that cories prefer. Of course it doesn't look good at all at the moment, I hope the moss grows out soon enough. I will still plant some plants in the back and the sides though. I've ordered quite a lot of them, but I start to suspect I might have ordered too much for this volume - I guess I'll be planting some in my big tank, there's some empty space left there after I took that Mopani out. While I wait for these plants to arrive, I've put some hornswort and water lettuce as a sort of "placeholder" plants, to prevent algae taking over. I also got some pennywort as a bonus with my moss, and I still havent figured out how am I supposed to plant it so it looks good, and not messy like right now :D
I don't think I'll have much trouble cycling it, because I have 2 filters - external and internal - in my big tank, so when I bought an internal filter for the small tank, I simply switched them, putting the cycled one in the new tank and the new filter to the old tank where it can cycle for a couple of weeks, and then I'll switch them back.




kinda looks like a Japanese Blue endler, really cute fish btw and the tank, well done.


kinda looks like a Japanese Blue endler, really cute fish btw and the tank, well done.
Yeah looks a lot like it, minus the black spot - can that spot disappear due to stress, as it does in barbs? The shop only had a couple of the blue ones, and the other one had asymmetrical fins, which I see now is common for this breed, but both me and the salesgirl weren't sure if it's normal or fin rot xD, so I took the symmetrical one. Even knowing the other one was healthy too, I think I prefer this variant.


can that spot disappear due to stress
i would say yes and no, the black IMO wouldnt fully go away but just be faint,

also if it was stress then the blue would be pale, not that vibrant electric blue.


The endler is gone :(. Disappeared without a trace. My main hypothesis is that it jumped out and then my cat ate it (I'm quite certain he didn't fish it out because he shows no interest to the tank). I also checked the inside of the filter, but no, nothing there. It's such a pity, it was such a pretty fish. I guess endlers and open tanks indeed don't mix :(


That's a shame, try also checking under decor, in plants driftwood, sometimes they may hide if they have sickness, ich, cottonwool etc


After a lot of thought, I still decided to do the wrong thing and got myself 6 C. trilineatus. Before adding them, I did a water change, and then gave my big tank's filter sponge a good rinse in it to introduce more beneficial bacteria to handle a sudden bioload increase. Up till now it was only snails in there (rabbit and a few trumpets). I was pleasantly surprised how fast the new filter cleaned up all the mulm.

Still waiting for the plants, I can't seem to arrange mutually acceptable time with the plant guy :D. But even with current plants, the tank looks nicer. Pennywort and hornswort are both growing. Moss wall - not so much, but I hope the moss will start poking out of the net eventually.


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I cannot grow Pennywort at all. Disintegrates after a short while. Tried it three times. I tore down a moss wall for good the other day after 9 month or so of abysmal progress.
On the other hand, Hornswort took more than a year of adapting to my water it seems. It grows like a weed in my low tech 10G NOW as expected when I purchased it last year. Sometimea these things are a mystery to me.


I cannot grow Pennywort at all. Disintegrates after a short while. Tried it three times. I tore down a moss wall for good the other day after 9 month or so of abysmal progress.
On the other hand, Hornswort took more than a year of adapting to my water it seems. It grows like a weed in my low tech 10G NOW as expected when I purchased it last year. Sometimea these things are a mystery to me.
Yeah, plants are quite confusing sometimes. As a beginner, I managed to kill hornswort, which I'm told is quite a rare feat :D.


My hornwort died as well but it just has to do with how it was grown Most of my stems turned brown and dropped all their needles. Out of a huge bunch only 3 survived. I've had much better luck with anacharis. Those have a tendency to brown, just the main portion. The plant will actually grow off branches from the brown to make new stems for the new water parameters. They grow really fast and I like the look better.


Today was a big day! Bought variety of plants - water sprite, stargrass, Hydrocotyle tripartita, Hygrophila polysperma rosanervig, and Marsilea hirsuta (that one came in ridiculously small, I hope it survives). Also bought 10 blue neocaridinas, 4 Amano shrimps, and 10 pink ramshorn snails. At least one Amano is set on getting out, I stopped it once and then it jumped out and I put it back in. Hopefully being nearly eaten by my cat will make it reconsider its options :D. The neocaridinas seem happy, scavenging everywhere. Snails are figuring out how to move across sand :D. Overall, having snails on sand makes it look like Japanese sand garden sometimes :D. Cories seem happy too. Rabbit snail is active, and I think it's starting to regrow its antenna that was bitten off by the barbs.


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One Amano shrimp jumped out again at night. The other 3 are still in place and grazing, so I hope this was a single displeased specimen and others don't feel the same. I should have dropped the jumper to my big tank with lid the first two times it crawled out... Oh well.


i had wild caught amanos, (i caught myself in a local creek) and during the night 1 jumped out. I saw it when i woke up, then when i got back from school they had all jumped out (actually it wasnt out, they jumped onto the glass above water level).


It seems one of the cories died, because it's nowhere to be found :(. I've even taken out the decorations to make sure. It's not there.


It is NOT DEAD! I could barely believe my eyes today, there's still 6 of them after all :D :D What a troll of a fish. I am, however, worried for a couple of fish, as they look way skinnier than others, their tails flat instead of chubby. I hope they manage to regain some weight before getting sick and dying.


So out of the 4 Amano shrimp I bought for this tank, 3 jumped out in 3 days after I've got them, each every night. But the last one is like "I honestly don't see the problem with this place" and is still here and not trying anything silly. I'm naming it Zoidberg.


I've learned to tell the cories apart. Since they are catfish, I'm giving them cat names from various shows or movies.

This is Avocato (front), it's the biggest one, has a large reticulated pattern and bold line:


This is Cheshire, it's also pretty large, but the side line is less bold, the pattern is thinner, and it has indentation on dorsal fin.


This is Garfield, also one of the bigger pals, VERY much alike Cheshire, but has whole dorsal fin and some pattern differences I won't bother to describe.


This is Orion (centre). It has intermittent side line with a dot in a middle and is pretty skinny - but energetic.


This is Salem, another skinny cory, with straight uniform side line.


And this is Spot (further), it has the smallest spots. It's tiny but quite chubby.


The snails have been breeding A LOT. There are baby ramshorns everywhere. Since these are pink ramshorns, this is desirable thing and I will be selling when they grow a little bit bigger. If it gets out of hand, I'll just dump some of them to my big tank where they'd serve as live food to my rosy barbs.



So it's been exactly 2 months from the start today.
One thing bothered me for a while now - I'd see berried shrimp, but no shrimplets. After a quick search, I decided the most likely culprit is the filter - it has a rather large gaps of intake. So I took it out today, in order to put a net sock on it, and I actually found a numer of rather large shrimplets alive inside of it! So yay, the shrimps are indeed breeding successfully, and there isn't something fundamentally wrong with my tank. I put on the sock, it isn't a particularly dense sock, so I hope it won't restrict filtration too much.
The cories are fine so far. The snails are breeding.
I have a load of hair algae. I knew that was a risk with trying to grow moss wall, but hoped it won't happen - alas, it did happen. And they're not just on the wall, but other plants too. I hear they are near inextinguishable, so the only hope is that when the tank gets better established they might disappear. I mean, there were some in my big tank at some point, but they just vanished. The moss I used for the wall was Java moss with some riccia mixed in. Interestingly, it is riccia that really took off, while the Java moss is not growing that well. I don't mind, I like the way riccia looks. Stargrass and guppy grass really took off. The rest of the plants are so-so. One that probably will die is Marsilea hirsuta, I think that the stem that I got was just too tiny, not strong enough to survive difficult transition.
The maidenhair fern that I tied to the top of the mopani wood started growing new leaves, but they are very pale, which I guess means there's too little nitrogen for it. So I'll try a different fertilization regimen, maybe it will help with the algae too, as I've read someone saying that hair algae might be a sign of nitrogen shortage (idk if it's true).


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