35 Gallon fish tank + JBL Cristalprofi e701 - Stocking ideas


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Your tank is up to you but I am with the others on the nixing the angelfish. Also I know nothing about plants so I don't know if certain fish are good or bad. I have swordtails that are awesome and colorful I also have Blind Cave Fish aka Blind Cave Tetras or Mexican Tetras they are really cool and interesting they are kind of weird though because they don't have eyes which I like but isint for everyone. I also really like dwarf gouramis.
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Long time no see! I thought I'd give an update of my tank to show that things are going smoothly for the most part.

The only problems I've had so far have been the Panda Cories, of which I'm down to 3 now... The ones that died were thin with sunken bellies (they already were upon arrival, gotta choose them more carefully next time...) and never really gained weight. They slowly went downhill and passed away one after the other. The remaining ones however have never been better though, fatty and active.

I also recently bought some Rummy-noses, they've all passed the one week mark with distinction (heard it's a good sign if they make it to the second week!) so the current stock is as follows:

7 Rummy-nose tetras
8 Cherry barbs
3 Siamese Algae eaters
3 Panda Cories

I'm thinking of bumping up the number of Rummy-noses to 15 and the Cories to 6 - would this be pushing my luck with stocking levels? :S I do 50% PWCs and gravel vaccums every week.

Anyways, here's a (low budget xD) video of all of them eating happily. Excuse my parents in the background, they can be really loud when they want to -.- :

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