35 gal Tall Planted which fish? Question

  1. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I got a used 35 gal Tall tank with UG filter but ditched that for dirt. Last tank I had was 250 gal about 20 years ago so starting all over smaller & everything has changed with live plants and dirt. Since I'm in a much smaller tank I need to choose my Fish well. I would like a nice Vail Angelfish for my centerpiece then I was thinking of Rasboras, either Harlequin or Espei. I also like the electric blue rams but don't know how many or if I can add them. The tank Came with a Placostamus so I thought I would round it out with some Cory cats and a Siamese algae eater or two or three. I love the Rainbows but I think that would be too many fish and it's not a very long tank 36". Any suggestions would be helpful I would like a lot of color if possible. I'm running an API superclean 50 HOB filter.
  2. Lunicolor Initiate Member

    Hi :)

    I think a single veil tail angel would be great in that tank. A nice shoal of rasboras would go nicely too, from my experience they are peaceful and attractive in a nice big school.

    If you have a pleco, I would avoid Siamese algae eaters ... I find they can be quite aggressive to other bottom dwellers (and mid water dwellers too). Cory cats in a school of 6 or more would be a much nicer option :)

    Just out of interest, do you know if it's a bristlenose plec or a common plec? If it's a common, it will get too big for that tank.
  3. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I don't believe it is a Bristlenose. I do however know that the Siamese algae eaters are the best ones out there. I used to have a very large tank and I had some problems with algae until I got them never had a problem after that. Any other suggestions about schooling fish or Rams?
  4. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    I tend to disagree about the Siamese algae eaters being that great. Everything I have read about them says they tend not to eat much algae as they get older. And also the aggression that lunicolor mentioned. Another problem that is common with them, is being mislabeled in stores. It is very common for them to be confused with other fish that look similar but don't eat hardly any algae. Bristlenose are pretty ideal as they stay small, so they are good for most sized tanks and they continue to eat algae for their entire life.
  5. Crissandra331 Member Member

    I would stay away from Siamese Algae Eaters as well, they have a ferocious appetite and unless you had an algae garden set up for them in your 35 Gal, they will most likely turn on their tank mates.

    That aside I really like Otocinclus, they're good for algae and cleaning plants, I've never had an issue with them over-rasping on my plants. Though they can be a little skittish and harder to acclimate.

    If you could find a pair of Angels fish it sounds like it could be a nice set up for them alone..

    I have Angels with Harlequin Rasbora and I have only had one complaint. During feeding the Harlequin swoop in & nip my only Veil-tail pelvic fins ( I think they just mistake it for food) He's in another tank now, but He's the only Angel they would do that to.. So keep that in mind with keeping the Harlequin with a Veil-tail, maybe get an Angel with less extravagant 'finnage'. My Harlequins do great with my regular Angelfish.

    Good Luck
  6. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I originally thought of a pair of angels but then that cuts down on my other fish. So I figure if I get one angel I wanted it to be a showstopper so I really want a black veil. I like the looks of the Rams. I liked the electric blue but what I've read says they're harder to keep so I think a pair of German blue. I loved the neon tetras but they say they're not good with angelfish, they get eaten. Any other suggestions please.
  7. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Angelfish and small schooling fish; that is kind of a mixed opinion varies from situation to situation. Personally I have adult Angelfish that I keep with small schooling fish. I've had both scenarios of raising the Angels with small fish & introducing small fish to adults. I've never had any small fish eaten or injured.

    I wouldn't worry too much with one Angelfish especially if you get it young. They're very curious so if the small fish are put in after he's full grown do prepare yourself for the Angel inspecting your schoolers. But I personally have not had any issues. The only time I merely see the Angels pay any attention to my small fish is when they're laying down territory to breed and I have had them breed multiple times with no casualties. They're pretty docile fish aside from when their breeding. But if you only plan for one, shouldn't be an issue.

    Angelfish are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get! I've gotten some very Rogue/Dominant fish.

    But as long as he's fed a variety of high quality foods why go to the trouble of eating his tank mates?

    Just my experience and own opinion...

    And on a side note Rams can be very tricky so if you do decide to get some make sure to do some extra reading and that your tank is fully cycled. I think they do best in aged acidic water, a tank that has been established quite awhile. Whether that reflects on the balanced setup or the experience of the keeper.
  8. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

  9. Lunicolor Initiate Member

    Kribs are quite nice little fish IMO, and easy to keep, although be prepared for some aggression and lots of babies if you get a pair.

    Clown loaches, although awesome, will get too big for a 35 gal - they can grow to over 8 inches in length and need to be in a school of 6 or more, unfortunately :(
  10. Crissandra331 Member Member

    I've heard of Bolivian Rams being a little easier to keep compared to some of the others, but definitely would again want to make sure your tank is fully cycled. & probably wouldn't want to keep them with the Angel.

    www.aqadvisor.com is a website I think can be very helpful when planning a new stock.

    I know you kind of want that centerpiece fish but A large school of small fish can be one of the most beautiful things in a planted tank.

    Good Luck :)
  11. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    What large school? What kind and how many?
  12. Crissandra331 Member Member

    A Large School of Cardinal Tetras or Rummy Nose Tetras I think would be really beautiful in a planted tank. I think most of the smaller Tetras would look really nice in a planted tank. I'd stay away from Danio Group just because their such active fish and use up a lot of oxygen and require a lot of swimming space for a little fish.

    And for as many I would play with aqavisor.com & see with your filter capacity & tank dimension's what a reasonable amount would be. I've heard when you keep to same species with schooling fish you can sometimes sneak a few extra in than you could if you had a variety of schooling fish.

    But just like starting or adding any fish I would gradually add them and let your tank adjust to the changes to support your new fish.
  13. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks so much for all your help. I did go to the website Aqavisor.com told me that my Harlequin Rasbora had different temperature than my Rams and angelfish and Cory cats and that I was 76% filled with fish
  14. Linda4088 Well Known Member Member

    I just found out that my tank is probably 40 gallons instead of 35. It's a custom made tank and stand and the woman told me she thought it was 35 but the measurements are 36 along 12 deep and 22 tall. Someone on this website said the calculations came out to 41 gallons. So that should make a difference in my fish.