34 gallon aquarium/stand-is it worth it?

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Ok, so I'm a younger fishkeeper and my parents are not in the hobby, so I'm not sure who to ask about this, so out into the great wide forum it goes.
I'm looking into getting a bigger tank(no smaller than a 20 gallon, and 40 is a bit too big for my tastes) in which I'm planning on stocking a buttload of shrimp, ottos, celestial pearl danios, and salt and pepper cories(the itty bitty ones). I know that might be considered overkill for these tiny species but it's what I like. I have consequently been browsing facebook and craigslist looking for good deals(as you do) and came across an offer for a 34 gallon aquarium and stand. It is 6 sided but not a pentagon(imagine the front corners got cut off and pieces of glass were added instead) and has a lid that matches the stand(which is gorgeous). It comes with several things that I will likely not use.
- Crushed coral substrate(I have a hard enough time keeping pH low)
- Hood light(I'm planning on diying a light with a fancy shmancy bluetooth led light I got for christmas-it has full spectrum capabilities and is like 7 feet long, so I'm pretty excited about its plant capabilities)
- Under gravel filter(no way Jose, I'm doing a sand capped dirted tank with plants)
- Planted type background(I don't like 'em)
- Heater(I'll use that, probably, but I already have like 4 that would have worked)

The stuff that I'd actually use:
- Custom shaped 34 gallon aquarium that I accidentally already fell in love with(oops)
- Very nice matching stand
- Some lava rock
- 2 Powerheads(might save for a future tank)

All of that's coming for about $100. I live around Colorado Springs. Is that a fair price, or should I try to negotiate? My gut is saying that even though I won't use some of this stuff, I should go for it(pending parental permission), and that asking for a lower price to leave out the stuff I wouldn't use would be bad form. Is that around right? Thanks!

Ok, so now that I'm thinking about it, the hood would probably be a perfect mount for the LED strip... I was kind of worried about how I'd do that, but I would use the hood too.
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I think $100 is a steal considering the only tanks that size that I can find are double the price.
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Ok, at this point I'm pretty much set on getting it if I can convince my parents... at this point I'm just gushing. It's soooo pretty!!!

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First I would look at the seams really good, find out when it was last filled with water.
He does not have any water in there now so, I would examine it really good and also check the stand to make sure you don't see any water marks.
Never pay the asking price, offer him 75-80.00.
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that tank looks really good. my mom buys me what ever i need for fish stuff, but i have to do backbreaking chores around the house lol
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Something is fishy here......that tank has no water in it right now and just from looking at the 2 seams you can see in the picture the silicone looks dark and old......before you put it in your truck and take it home I would advise you have him fill it with water right then and there......
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if there are any faults in your tank, you can just look around to see if you have any aquarium safe silicone to fill in cracks. i'm seeing some on amazon for like 3-4 dollars if you don't.
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You know what’s crazy? I see tons of tanks on like Facebook marketplace that are no joke (just looked) $40 for a used ten gallon tank. Or $110 for a twenty gallon with some food. They are almost always more expensive than the brand new equivalent would be in stores even without sales. Just wild
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OOO! Looks pretty nice... I'm near CO springs too, and a young fishkeeper as well! Go figure I hope all turns out well!

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