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  1. bruiser

    bruiserValued MemberMember

    Hey all, I'm Chris. Fairly new to the hobby.. I have about a years experience so far. Just with a freshwater 10 gallon community tank.

    A few days ago, I bought a new tank. 33-1/3 Gallon. Got a great deal on it! Everything is about 7 months old, and I paid $200.00 for it. Everything included. Stand, filter, heater, decorations, substrate, aerator, air lines/stones, food, chemicals, nets....EVERYTHING!! Couldn't pass it up!

    So 2 days ago, after a quick scrubbing, I filled it up with water, and got everything up and running.

    Today I added a few fish to the tank, 3 Zebra Danio's that i had in small tank. (I bought them almost a year ago to help cycle the tank, and there still givin er'.) and I got 3 red wing platy's and 3 neon tetra's.

    I also, added some Nutrafin Cycle to the tank, as well as some filter media from my 10 gallon. Also, the new tank was up and running until I picked it up. There was still fish in it when I got there. We drained the tank down to the gravel, and left it wet, so I'm hoping that some bacteria survived on it as well.

    The faster it cycles the happier I am!

    Once that happens, I plan to put the danio's, platy's, and tetra's into my decorated 10 gallon, And stock the new tank with African Cichlid's, as well as my Spotted pictus catfish, Yoyo Loache, and Bichir.

    I have my other 10 gallon bare bones tank set up and running for a quarantine tank.

    If anyone has any comments, tips, advice, idea's for when I stock my tank, I'd love to hear it.

    Here are some pictures of everything so far.

    More updates to come!

  2. Chris123

    Chris123Well Known MemberMember

    I dont see any pics

    But it sounds like off to a good start!
  3. OP

    bruiserValued MemberMember

    Hey all!

    So the tank is going good! I've come to the conclusion that my tank is already cycled. The tank had been running for 6 or 7 days with 9 small fish in it, and my ammonia and nitrite levels have not moved. So I pulled the small fish out and back to the 10g, moved a couple cichlids, and my baby bichir in.. and they all seem to be enjoying the bigger space! Although, I think I may have to get rid of my bichir.. I recently discovered that the water parameters are a little too far off between the two species..

    I also did a little redecorating.. Changed my substrate to black gravel. Switched out the decorations for some more cave like cichlid friendly hiding places.

    I did have one minor setback since the last post, that thankfully turned out to be no big deal.. I spilled 8 drops of API bottle #1 ammonia solution into the water. (knocked the test tube into the tank..) but a couple 50% water changes, and replaced the carbon in my filter and were back on track.. I emailed API about it, and they got back to me saying it wouldn't be an issue.. 8 drops in 30g's of water would effect much, but they recommended exactly what I had already done. (just for future reference if it ever happens to any of you..)

    So now I'm going to give the tank 3 or 4 more days and go shopping for a couple more small african cichlids. I don't want to overload the bacteria in the tank, but I think it should be strong enough anyhow. I took more fish out than what I put back in.

    Anyways.... thats all for now.

  4. OP

    bruiserValued MemberMember

    Hey all, Just another update.

    I did some more research and discovered my LFS sort of mislead me. I had a Venustus and a Chipokee in with a Krib and baby Bichir. I returned the Venustus and Chipokee, got a mate for my Krib, a bristle nose pleco. and 3 khuli loaches. I`m keeping my little Bichir, because I plan to have another much larger tank by the time he outgrows this one.

    My krib's haven't really started hanging out together yet. The new one is still pretty skiddish and hiding out a lot..

    It looks pretty empty most of the time right now.. Everything in there is usually just hiding out.

    But tomorrow I`m heading to a different LFS and I plan to add 3 more khuli loaches, and a small school of something bright and colorful to add some action to the upper level of the tank. I was thinking about getting a couple African Dwarf Frogs, but I`m not so sure about it after some extensive research. I also plan to pick up some Java fern, Java moss, and maybe some amazon sword's and start planting my tank!

    Here's a few pictures of what I could manage to capture.....

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  5. OP

    bruiserValued MemberMember

    Hey again.

    Today I went out and did some shopping. I bought 6 Serpae Tetra's and 2 ADF's The Tetra's are doing great, they seem to really like there new home! And the ADF's I wasn`t too sure of.. getting picked on.. The tank being too tall for them to get to the top.. But al the fish seem to ignore them.. They just do there own thing.. And they've discovered the bubble wall and that if they get in the bubbles it take them straight to the top! Its pretty amusing to watch! lol.

    My male krib was looking pretty rough tonight at feeding time.. Not beat up, just very nervous and stressed.. From the female terrorizing him to no end. I moved him into a 10g where he'll stay for a couple days.. Give him a chance to eat good, and hopefully gain some confidence for when he gets back to the 33g.

    Tomorrow I'm picking up 3 more khuli loaches, and then I'm done! For fish anyways. Then its on to plants. Haven't really decided what yet..

    Also Tomorrow I plan to start and hopefully finish some moonlighting. Its all planned out just need materials.

    More pictures to come soon!
  6. OP

    bruiserValued MemberMember


    Pretty much everything is going good still..All the fish are getting along good, But I still have my male Krib in a separate tank. I'm pretty sure my female is about ready to 'lay' some eggs! I think that explains the extreme aggression.

    I did have one issue lately.. I lost one of my new ADF's to the filter intake! poor little guy got too close and couldn't out-swim it.. So to keep on the safe side I moved the other ADF to my 10g. I think she'll be better off in there.

    I have some more pictures of the new additions to the 33g and a couple of the 10g. And I just picked up 6 new used tanks last night! So I have my work cut out for me for a while!

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