30G acrylic bows out when full?


I have tried searching the forum and can't come up with an answer.

I just bought a 30G "sea clear" from craigslist. I filled it today to check for leaks. after a few minutes of staring at it looking for water I noticed that the front and back of tank bow out slightly. it has no leaks, I left it full for about an hour and watched for water.

I just want to know if this is normal or should I be worried


How much do you mean by "slightly"? I have a 55 gal Sea Clear that's 4ft long. If I look at the front of it very closely, yes, I could say it is bowing out ever so slightly. Never thought it would be bad--it's been running for almost a year--hope not!


Does it have a strip in the middle to hold the sides together? Pic?


My husband has a seaclear acrylic bow front. Don't they only make acrylic bowfront tanks? (Silly question probably..... but I'm a glass kinda girl). :-X
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so its almost the same empty or full. but I only noticed it when it was full. trick of the eye I guess.

here are some pics of tank.

1. empty tank front

2. empty tank rear

3. full tank front

4. full tank rear (its a towel behind the tank)

5. full tank top



As long as you don't see seperation where the top plate is glued to the top of the tank edges I wouldn't worry about it.Use a strong flashlight from the inside shineing on the bond all the way around the tank if you don't see light through a crack fill it up and have fun.

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