30 tanks now 20 tanks!

Discussion in 'Funny Stuff' started by Claire Bear, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Claire BearWell Known MemberMember

    Hi All,
    Hope today is a great day for you in the world of fishies!

    I just did a tank count and believe it or not, I have 19 at home and only one at work! :)

    Now that is progress!

    I had decided that I wanted a saltwater reef tank-had no idea the amount of work it would be to get started or how much of an investment it really would be-truth is I had a pretty good idea but also went with several items to make my life easier! Glad I did, that auto top off works great on the 120g tank! :)

    Now here is the irony, since the saltwater tanks, I have made a conscious decision to down size.
    I am not keeping any betta.
    The frogs are going.
    The two axolotl are going.
    The endlers are going.
    The freshwater shrimp are going.
    The killifish are going.
    I have already given away most of the betta and their tanks, only 4 left.

    I sold (really gave if you look at what I charged) an acrylic 75g tank, stand, two filters, heater, bubbler, and 25 African cichlid zebras and socolofi for a whoping 75.00 dollars plus I delivered! I made this guy soooo happy! :)
    I gave away a 90g tank and lids to my physicians nurse. She couldn't believe it! :)

    My plan is to give 50 more African Cichlids away (have given 25 so far not counting those I sold with the 75g).
    And sell the double stacked 20g tank-at least one set of those plus give the three strains of endlers away (these are the Adrian H).
    I have given one strain of endlers away yesterday and all gouramis are now relocated.
    I think I will end with these tanks:
    Double stacked 55g top tank- saltwater FOWLR and on bottom community including kribs and GBR and two types of tetra
    Double stacked 20g top tank panda cory on top and bottom the sump for my 55g saltwater.
    150g-Oscar and Parrot and once all the African cichlid fry are gone, move the JD back to it (temporarily in the 46g bowfront with the African leaf fish)
    120g reef tank
    90g African cichlid tank
    125 community with Angels, clown loach, neons, hons and a few killi I am unable to catch
    36g becomes the saltwater QT tank with live rock to keep the cycle.
    And one 10g to use as a freshwater QT tank (the other one broke)
    Lastly, I will keep the 29 gallon at work with the mollys as I wanted to change the fish but the janitor has laid claim to them and everyone knows not to upset the janitor! :)

    Just writing all this out has me tired! Even with lots of conveniences like pythons, a sink, this gismo or that, it is just too tiring. It has become a job not a hobby.
    I really love the saltwater tanks and believe that is the direction I am looking at (although you wouldn't know that by the number of freshwater tanks I have) and so downsize I will.
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  2. blusshedWell Known MemberMember

    Aw, getting rid of the axxies? :( Noo... :p

    I'm glad that you are finding nice homes for your fish! And that you will be happy in the long run! My life would be easier if I either didn't have my 75gal or my axxies, but they're already here, and there is too much invested... So they both stay. But we also only have 3 tanks, not 20+ LOL
  3. Claire BearWell Known MemberMember

    The axolotl are going to my oldest son. He thought they were too cool for me to give to anyone and couldn't believe I was actually serious. @blushed, he too loves the loti! :)
  4. blusshedWell Known MemberMember

    Oh yay! So you'll be able to see them!

    theyre so awesome!

    My 3 year old talks about them all the time, I can already see being asked to bring them to show and tell at school next year in preschool when he blabs about his pet axolotls. He says it perfectly, too. Too funny. At least I know if something happened to me he knows axolotls need worms to eat LOL! Now to stick "cold water" in his head and I know he'll be giving out the right info ;)

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