30 gallon tank stand

  1. Brizburk Member Member

    Since my 10 gallon is overstocked I found a great deal on Craigslist, for $30 I picked up a 30 gallon tank with a marineland biowheel filter. Both old and used but for that price...heck yea!!

    Now I need to build a stand that will be both sturdy and look decent. Here's my drawing with simple simple plans.


  2. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    I like the drawing. just make sure the stand is sturdy else you will be swimming.

  3. Brizburk Member Member

    Oh geez that's what I'm most worried about lol. With the help of my dear ol father...we built a raised bed (for me). He goes into overkill for the sturdy side of things. I also figured my dogs would like a den...
  4. Brizburk Member Member

    I have access to endless pallets, and a saws-all. I also have extra chopping block from a custom made counter top. The chopping block would look fabulous - I may go that route.

  5. Brizburk Member Member

    Update - I have purchased an older dresser that I'm in the process of gutting... Photos to follow. General design will remain the same