30 Gallon Recovery Update + Questions

Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by Ernest Sacco, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Ernest Sacco

    Ernest SaccoWell Known MemberMember

    This is going to be a large update as besides the few small question threads I haven't really shown the state of the tank in full in at least 3 months....after what feels like an eternity of struggle the tank has finally stabilised allowing me to maintain my soft corals and even delve back into some hard corals again....
    The recovery process started with the removal of the yellow/ white finger leather aka the bane of my existence... I got this coral as an impulse buy sometime back in late 2017 and boy do I regret that....I am positive it is the reason for the death of all my original lps and for the dip in my tank in general...I tried to make it happy and spent months moving it every so often or changing flow and even just trying to wait it out....but it wouldn't settle and it just would close up for a week or two...come out full for 3 days and then close up again...no doubt shedding and nuking the tank with each cycle...everyone in my tank was struggling with it
    To add to the struggle I suffered a serious hair algae bloom which began engulfing everything in my tank...with all the annoyance i just got fed up and traded the stupid coral in for a lousy 15 dollars about 5 weeks ago..at that point I honestly didn't care...
    The hair algae I combated with significant cuts in feeding, chemical dosing, and additional water changes as well as the recent addition of an algae blenny who surprisingly enough actually lives up to his name and has been clearing my rocks slowly but surely

    With the leather gone I noticed an immediate improvement and with the passing of a few weeks and water changes my tank truly returned to it's full beauty...
    With the stress of trying to fix a problem gone I could focus on perfecting my parameters and as of now everything has been stable and constant for 3 weeks...and my corals show it

    My toadstools finally look as good as they did back in December and a group of red zoas who I'd never seen all open since I got them have been full bloom for a week

    One of my favorite corals I bought during the bad period has also really grown and it is definitely my favorite leather in the tank and it has caused me no problems
    Because of my stable numbers and apparently happy corals I decided to take to risk and see if I could sustain lps again....I picked up a duncan colony and a double head of hammers* as well as a colony of Blastomussa

    I monitored them and they came out of the initial week fine where as other lps I had tried with the terrible finger leather had always begun showing signs of damage....as of now they are doing great and it's so nice to have variety in the tank again
    There are other additions to the tank including a few unique leathers and mushrooms as well as two rock flower anemones and a feather duster
    (Continued below)
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  2. OP
    Ernest Sacco

    Ernest SaccoWell Known MemberMember

    one additional coral was a frag of what was sold to me as CESPITULARIA...however when I got it it looked like this I've had it for 2 months and it has stayed just like this with no apparent recovery or degradation occurring....any advice on placement or things I could do for it would be appreciated...it looks like something removed all of its heads and just left some tubes....
    Another coral i got when I thought I could only maintain sorts with the finger was a green devils hand This coral hasnt been misbehaving but it hasnt really opened up well since I've gotten it and for its size its rather unappealing...I'm thinking of returning it to make room for more lps but I'm still not sure. One interesting thing is that it has some strange invert on it which shoots out weird banded tentacles Identification from anyone would be appreciated....besides removing the devils hand I still have some space on my right inner rock face ....I dont know what to put here but I was thinking maybe a plate coral

    Through my struggles 3 corals that never seemed to have any problems were my greenstar colonies and my xenia....my xenia has grown more than anyone and it became so dense that a group detatched from the rock and began moving around the tank in the flow...initially I took it out and threw it away....after about an hour I suddenly regretted that decision and fished it out of the garbage and rinsed it before attaching it to a plug(as seen in the blenny picture)....and believe it or not it was fine...xenia is truly unstoppable

    Finally with the success I have had with my new lps and my stable conditions I made the decision to try an easier type of sps to see how it does in the tank...I picked up this green birdsnest yesterday ... so far I have seen no bleaching and the polyps have been staying out fully and moving in the flow...it even has white tops which I was told indicate new growth...any advice about caring for this coral would be appreciated and if I can manage it I plan on getting a plate sps to put on that rockface though again reccomedations for corals there are welcome

    To summarize the past months of struggle have hopefully given way to a mature tank which will be easier to maintain
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  3. stella1979

    stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm so glad you're through a rough patch and things look to be going great now!

    Hmm, what kind of plate corals? Like fungia? I usually see those at the bottoms of tanks. Or perhaps you mean plating montipora/monti cap, (officially montipora Capricornis :p). Do you think the area provides high light and flow? You may just want to search for beginner SPS videos. A few of those helped me decide where to start with SPS and I've been pretty successful with them since. :)
  4. OP
    Ernest Sacco

    Ernest SaccoWell Known MemberMember

    Yea montipora was probably what I was thinking....there seems to be a decent amount of flow as some xenia I put there was being blasted so I had to move it....I'll definitely watch some videos

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