30 Gallon Is Finally Cycled

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    TinyT New Member Member

    Hi Everyone,

    So, managed to finally get my tank cycled with fish in. This site has been full of useful information and has helped me maintain some sanity during the cycling process as well as helped me to keep my fish as safe as possible. The fish in cycling process did not take as long as I suspected ( I was very OCD about monitoring the water and fish) but will not do fish in cycle again. I am now wondering what should my maintenance routine be? I have a 30 gallon (which is admittedly over stocked by a little and is lightly planted (will be adding more plants in the future). I believe AqAdvisor says I am at 109% stocking level. My parameters are Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, Nitrate 20ppm and PH is 7.4. I aiming to keep my Nitrate levels 20ppm or less so should I do a partial water change every week of about 20% or should I only change it if my parameters go up?

    Thanks for your input.

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    ChrisA New Member Member

    Congrats on the cycle. Definitely keep an eye on the parameters as a measure of how much of a water change to do. What do you have in the tank? When my 30 finished cycling, I had a small bioload (10 cardinal tetras and 3 corys) and was doing 10% water changes and parameters were just fine for a few weeks. Now that the rest are out of quarantine and it's fully stocked (20 tetras, 6 corys, 2 gouramis) I found that doing 15-20% helps keep the nitrates in check. Good luck!
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    TinyT New Member Member

    Thanks for the response.
    I currently have 6 neon tetra, 13 platy, 2 honey gourami (my absolute favorite) and 6 cory. I did figure a 20% water change each week would be sufficient but just wanted to get some opinions of more seasoned aquarists.