30 Gallon Aquascaping

  1. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I received my petrified wood today for this tank and a few more plants, but not at all final in the way it will look. The amazon swords, obviously too big for this tank, will be going into my 60 gallon discus tank after I put down some Eco-complete.
    In place of the swords I will be placing:
    Blyxa Aubertii Aquarium Plant
    Potomogeton Gayi Bunched Aquarium Plant.
    10 corydorus duplicareus
    12 Hyphessobrycon sp. "Peru"

    What do you think of the wood placement?

    Any Suggestions IMG_0633.JPG IMG_0629.JPG @tommywantfishy ,@KinsKicks, or anyone else that would like to weigh in.
  2. KaderTheAnt Well Known Member Member

    I think it looks fine. When I do mine I usually try and make it uneven on both sides. With my newest aquascape , I added it to the slightly off centered (my OCD kills me with everyone of my fish tanks)

  3. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Looks good to me!
  4. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    I like it :)

    And I'm SO jealous of that amazon sword!

    And I think those plants would look really nifty in place of the swords; nice tall grass

  5. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Do you have any pics of the wood outside of the tank? The plants seem to overpower the petrified wood a bit.


    Cool, easy carpet plant.

    The sword could move back.
    Great sword, however.

    @discuslove are you trying to create a river effect in the center? Some sand down that portion or more river type stones could really pop.
  6. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I totally agree a
    I totally agree, the plants do overpower the wood. The swords are going to come out by the end of the week ... I think this is the primary problem- they are huge and out of proportion to the over-all scape.. The plants that will replace it are much more sparse and linear- to echo the strong lines of the wood.
    I will take the wood out and take a picture of it if will help with placement of the wood. That was primarily what I was asking... about the wood placement...
  7. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I was trying to create a river effect- you are correct.

  8. tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Some pool filter sand or whatever it is called could be awesome in there. If you compact it enough plants will really struggle to pop through.
    And it is cheap!!

    Just have to wash the heck out of it.
  9. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Haha I feel like a lot of people are going river themed! Those are really fun to set up :)

    (And did you change your profile pic? I like it too!)
  10. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Smooth side of rock. 81d74d331da4c78045cc4312f44dea3d.jpg Rough side. 54a13b2e11da27b88c714885a2f4877b.jpg ff11b8522dbedb7c36fc19932281ee7c.jpg 7b0f76e2a2b37b916271a777a168f429.jpg

  11. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    These are the fish going into this tank-12 Hyphessobrycon sp. "Peru" . A relatively rare fish that I picked up at Wetspot.
  12. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Ive seen the sagittaria subulata on many availability lists- Ill try it.
  13. JesusIsLove912 Member Member

    What type of plants on the left
  14. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    The tall broad-leaf plant is Echinodorus bleheri and the grassy plant is Eleocharis parvula ("Hairgrass").