30 Gal Stocking Options

  1. Fish4Ever Member Member

    Hay all,

    I am planning on upgrading from a ten gal to a thirty gal and was wondering if this would be ok:
    2X platties
    2X mollies
    6X guppies
    I am also intrested in more species if I have A. more space or B. its a better combination.

    Also I currently have 3 male guppies so should I go with three more males, three females, or more than three females.

    I would love to use my ten gallon as a home for fry, a hospital, or a quarantine tank. Which would be best?

  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I would set up the ten gallon as a fry tank. I would get 6 female guppies so you will have 9 in total. I would also get 3 platies 1 male 2 females. According to AqAdvisor you are only at 68% but you have to stock very lightly with livebearers, as they will breed like crazy.

  3. Fish4Ever Member Member

    I am mostly intrested in breeding mollies. Besides that I would let nature takes its course with the guppy fry (I am counting on 1or two per birth.) I will probably get 2-3 male platys.

    I will probably give some fish fry to friends. Also I was wondering what other speces of fish may work in this tank? I would love a species diverse community tank!
  4. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    The one tank you could do is a school of 6 Otos. But I have never kept Otos and Mollies together so I'm not sure.

    Then you could not do the platies, and instead do 3 mollies. I would do ballon mollies. They contribute to the bioload as much as a regular molly, but they are smaller and less active so they would work better with the guppies.

    These are regular Balloons

    This is a fancy male.

  5. Fish4Ever Member Member

    The mollie I have now is a balloon lyretail cremcicle! so cute I dont have a pic now maybe tomorrow.
  6. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I would stay with the balloons, since they will do better with the Guppies. I would also do more research before you even consider getting Otos.
  7. Fish4Ever Member Member

    I just read baloon mollies are not a natural species being heavily bread to look the way thay do... and because of this they have shorter life spans. Is it possible to breed a balloon mollie with a regular one? I have never done any breeding before so this new to me.

  8. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I breed my Balloons with regular and their offspring look like less balloony Balloons. I have never had an issue with balloons having a shorter lifespan.