30 Gal Stock Challenge

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Manuel1223, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Manuel1223

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    Guys! I have a 30. Gal right now. I really want a beta fish for some reason but I want it in a community tank. I want 5 albino Cory’s, 1 snail( smaller but not sure on the type). A half moon beta and a school of ember tetras. How many can I have? And other recommendations for a nicely colored school that will go well with a beta?
  2. Nataku

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    Plant the daylights out of the tank, have a sand substrate. You can do this.
    1x male betta
    10x albino c. Aeneus
    1 or 2 nerite snail - these don't reproduce in fresh water, dint get huge and have several color/patterns to choose from.
    25x ember tetras - they're tiny, and will be much happier in a bigger school. Not to mention they looking amazing when you have a wave of orange flittering through the green leaves of a well planted tank.

    I wouldn't personally add another school. Its easier for one species to organize itself and move out of the way if the betta tries to give chase - again in a well planted tank this should be minimal. But if you feel it doesnt look full enough, just add more ember tetras. They won't object to a bigger school and so long as you can maintain good water parameters you can get quite a large amount of them in the space of a 30 gallon. Especially when the only other non bottom dweller is a single betta.
  3. OP

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    Wow @Nataku.
    That sounds like a lot of fish. That won’t be overstocked?

    I have sand right now so I’m looking into type of plants that will work with sand or other ways to ensure plant health and growth. Any recommendations on type of plant?
    I really want one large school and a beta I think this would look really nice and very simple.
    So my 30 gal is a 30 gal tall. Does that make a difference? Or does that even matter?
    Thank you for your response!
  4. Nataku

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    With a 30 tall I'd bring the corydoras down to 8 just as there will be less floor space, but otherwise the rest of the stocking stands. The numbers may seem like a lot but 1. Ember tetras are tiny. Teeny tiny. They have very little bioload. 2. You will be planting this tank (if you werent planting it I wouldn't recommend ember tetras). The plants help keep nitrates and ammonia under control.

    Most any plant will grow in sand. For root feeders you will want to put root tabs in the sand to feed them. You can get a hundred osmocote root tabs off ebay for less than ten bucks. Put one under each main cluster of roots, no more than six at a time in a 30, ince a month. Very simple.

    Being as its a tall tank you will want plants with height. I recommend jungle valisneria, anacharis, rotala (pick a species, there are lots), amazon swords and stargrass. All of these except anacharis are root feeders that are pretty easy to grow.
    You could also get floating plant like gupoy grass or hornwort.
    A betta would also appreciate some surface floating plants like dwarf water lettuce, red root floaters or dwarf salvinia.
  5. OP

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    Okay I’ll look into root tabs. I’ll start planting soon after I get some knowledge.
    Thank you for all the info. I’ll have to research the plants to see how they look.
    Would I just be able to put soil where I plant and call it a day???