30 gal betta sorority tank?

  1. I'm not Fish-ist

    I'm not Fish-ist Valued Member Member

    Hello Fishlorers, I currently have an empty 30 gallon tank that I would like to turn into a planted tank. I have never done live plants before in my 10 years of fishkeeping. I would like to have a betta sorority or maybe dwarf puffers. I have everything needed to set it up i.e heater, filter etc. but I just need the supplies for the live plants and of course the plants themselves! What is a good size number of female bettas (no males) for a sorority in that size tank? I have read other sources and have gotten 25-30 from most people but that is way too expensive and I feel that it wouldnt be comfortable for that many. But if I go the puffer route how many could i house? And for either way I go what kind of tankmates could I have? And what would be the best, plants for this set up?

    Sorry for all the questions, I just want my first planted tank to be successful. Thanks!
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    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    I'd do 9 to 13 girls with tons of decor and plants and a Bristlenose pleco or similar bottom dweller.
  3. Flowingfins

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    7 is the minimum for a sorority, up to 20 should be ok. Remember that the more girls, the more aggression is spread out. I would get some ghost shrimp and a BN pleco as tank mates, you really can't have anything else.
  4. OP
    I'm not Fish-ist

    I'm not Fish-ist Valued Member Member

    Thanks Flowingfins I plan on about 13 females and an albino bn pleco maybe a few shrimp too. As for plants i am thinking about a few amazon swords, moneywort, a single anubias and 2 water wisterias