3 Weeks Without Water Change

Discussion in 'Water Changes' started by hjack9090, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. hjack9090

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    Would it be okay if I want 3 weeks without a water change? I currently have a large amount of school work which is due soon. I'm thinking of just adding some prime and then doing a flush at the end of the week. Would this be okay?
  2. Sam2671

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    Depends on the stocking you have and size tank. Sometimes when a big tank is under stocked, delaying a water change doesn’t cause any harm but if you have a fully stocked tank the waste will build up greatly.

    Doing tiny water changes every other day, spreading your water change over the week, could work.

    I do a vacuum of a different section of the tank every 3-4 days instead of big water changes at the end of the week. I change a bucket of water which calculates as around 5% wc each time and I’ve never had problems, parameters stay stable and fish are good
  3. Gadfly

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    I’ve gone two weeks without problems. Not sure what a flush means.

    As a time saver while you get through the heavy work load consider topping off the tank weekly and rinsing out the sponges/filter if you use them. If your bio load isn’t crazy you could manage three weeks I believe.
  4. Mary765

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    I'm also studying hard right now and finding it hard to fit my schedule in.

    What I have had for a while for different reasons but coincidentally solves this issue too is nitrate crystals. They promote the creation of nitrate eating bacteria and thus your water stays nitrate free after a month if the crystals being in the tank.

    It's more of a long term solution than a short one but definitely worth considering. I use Orca Nirta-guard as its the most reputable and proved brand out there!
  5. Fashooga

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    It will work as long as you cut back on the feeding.

    When I went to Hong Kong for three weeks I told my brother in law to only feed the fish twice a week. This helps reduce waste which reduces ammonia.

    When I returned the tank lost some water but was still working just fine. So minor adjustments in feeding is all you need to do to survive three weeks.
  6. OP

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    A flush is when you remove 50%, add 50% and repeat until you have, in theory, replaced all of the tanks water

    My tank is pretty over stocked, with 6 goldfish (single tail) and 8 bronze cories in a measly 29 gall. I'm currently looking into upgrading my tank. I know a pond would be best for the goldies but that's not really an option for me. Rehoming is also out of the picture as they are mostly feeder goldies. I do have a 75 gallon filter, which should be able to handle the bio for now.looking into getting a separate 20 gallon for the cories. I like the idea of doing a few small changes every few days, I'll try to fit that into my schedule.

    That's actually a pretty good idea, I'll give it a shot
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  7. OP

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    That does sound like a solid idea, but they might cost too much for my tank budget. If they're like 20 a pop I'll give it a shot, but any more wont work for me.