3 Tanks, 3 Bettas

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by kaneki, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. kanekiNew MemberMember

    hey everyone- i am back again! last time i was here i was asking for help with my past girl betta, te fiti, who unfortunately had to be euthanized :-( but now i'm back with more bettas, and more knowledge!

    katsuki the veiltail import girl (through an in state breeder) (10g)


    yagi the crowntail grocery store boy (3g)

    kaminari the baby plakat petco girl (5.5g)


    aren't they precious!? <3
  2. graceoValued MemberMember

    I love Katsuki's colours! I don't see too many yellows like that
  3. tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    Your baby girl is pure love!
  4. dlconcidineNew MemberMember

    Beautiful. I personally like Kaminari :emoji_heart:
  5. kanekiNew MemberMember

    thank you! <3 i think she would be considered a mustard gas? idk tho! normally i prefer cold colored bettas- like blue and green! but i ended up a with only one with blue (her)! <3

    isn't she!?!?! she likes to nip my finger and hand and it is SOOOO precious!!?? she's so feisty and curious!!

    thank you!! <3 she's an angel!!! <3
  6. Faris101Valued MemberMember

    The last one looks like it got skinned lol still beautiful though

    Yagi is my choice
    What with these names?
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  7. kanekiNew MemberMember

    omg, skinned!??!?! LOL
    yagi is a sweet boy :)

    they are names from a show (an anime) called my hero academia (or boku no hero academia)!
    it's pretty much about superheros!! after naming katsuki i wanted to keep the theme!

    katsuki bakugou
    i named katsuki after him because she is feisty and active.. just like him!

    all might (real name- yagi toshinori)
    i named yagi after him because he seems older and all might's true form is:
    which, his hair resembles crowntail fins, don'tcha think? :-D color was fitting too!

    and kaminari denki
    i named her after him because he's really active and his powers are electric... she zips around like she's been charged up!!
    (plus the yellow/black..!!)

    speaking of kaminari- she is darkening up quite a bit already
  8. Faris101Valued MemberMember

    Hey you like anime cool that your taking it to your fish's name

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