3 New Panda Corydoras And 1 Gone Already :(

Professor Catfish

I've been confused as to why my fish have been so stressed. There's renovations going on in my house and it's vibrating the building from 7am - 5pm. I can't move them, are all my fish going to die?? This is going to go on for another couple of weeks I'm so heckin upset. They're sensitive bottom dwellers and probably feel like the world is ending.
Finally found local panda cories after looking for them for a year and they get to live on a tremor plate. HECK.
..in good news I have a few berried shrimps and am excited for babies :'( <3


Unless you had some prior to getting the 3 corys they could be stress due to lack of numbers usually 6 is the minnimum for corys

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