3 Guppies 5 Glofishes??

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Salty Betta, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Salty BettaValued MemberMember

    Hey everyone, so i recently got a 10 gallon tank. My plan is too add 3 gupies all male tommrow, to cycle my tank. So i was wondering if its fine if i keep all male guppies, will they fight if there is not a female, or will they do fine. If not, shoudl i go wih 3 female guppies?? I just dont wanna breed them.

    Also, after the cycling process is done, im planning to add 5-6 glofishes. So will they do fine, glofish and guppies? Is it overstocking? And atlast, are 3 guppies too many to cycle a 10g, should i go with 2?

    Thank you so much guyss!!

  2. goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    Most if not all Glofish need a 20 long minimum. IME all male Guppy groups need to be in at least a heavily planted 20 gallon and need to be in groups of 6+ (so the aggression is split up). If you get females they are probably already pregnant.
    I would do:
    8 Endler, or 8 CPDs
    20 RCS
    4 Nerite Snails

  3. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    Glofish need to be in groups 6+ and all male guppies should be fine but I wouldn't do Glofish in there they are to active. I can list some options if you are interested.

  4. dansamyValued MemberMember

    Also, the kit filter is likely underwhelming. I know the one that came in my kit is for 2-10 gallons and only claims to moves 85gph, but it likely does even less. I'm only housing a Betta in 10 gallons.
  5. goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    Not in a 10 gallon. It could work but if there is any aggression the aggressive male has to be rehomed. It is possible but is so much work that Endlers are a better option.
  6. dansamyValued MemberMember

    That doesn't mean you have to buy another filter. It just means you need to consider the realistic filtration power that you do (or don't) have.
  7. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    You could do
    2 Peacock Gudgeons
    10 Amano Shrimp
    2 Nerite Snails
    1 Betta
    10 Amano Shrimp
    2 Nerite Snails
    8 Celestrial Pearl Danios
    10 Amano Shrimp
    2 Nerite Snails
    3 Dwarf Puffers
    Cant think of anything else at the moment.
  8. Salty BettaValued MemberMember

    Oh ok, are endlers hard enough to cycle a tank?? Also, i feel like most of the male guppies are kept in thr same tank at the fish store, and they look fine???

    With the glofish, i might just get some tetras than, but getting them is a long time from now, since i still have to cycle my tank.

    Than you!
  9. dansamyValued MemberMember

    If you want a full, busy tank, that third list that Kenny shared would be lots of life in a small tank.
  10. Salty BettaValued MemberMember

    @Kenny777 it would be grt if you can list down some options, thank you so much!!

    Also, would you get 3 guppies or 2 guppies go cycle a tank?? (I need some space to put in more fish later as well)
  11. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    No I wouldn't do that and I listed some above

    You could also do
    Scarlet Badis not sure how much
    Pair of German blue rams
    Pair of Bolivian rams
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  12. Salty BettaValued MemberMember

    Thx for the list kenny!!! But i do need atleast one kind of hardy cycling fish, secondly i dont really wanna have any shrimps in my tank, it just looks gross to me lmao. So 3 male basically wont work?

    I was thibking of celestrial danios as one of my cycling fish?
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  13. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    For a cycling fish I wouldn't recommend it you may have to ask someone else
  14. Salty BettaValued MemberMember

    Tysm for the help kenny!!! I read on another fishlore forum that all female guppies do work as long as you make sure the store keeps them in seprate tanks!
  15. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    Your welcome good luck!!
  16. Adam AlstonNew MemberMember

    To start off, Glofish usually come as a schooling fish (Tiger Barbs for example; the most common) and need a larger tank. I would recommend sticking with something that doesn't require a large tank and do well with guppies, I would recommend platys. You should also get the guppies as all females to prevent nipping as the males sometimes like to do to each other.
  17. Kenny777Well Known MemberMember

    Actually don t do the rams in a 10g they need more space my bad I do not recommend them anymore
  18. California L33Well Known MemberMember

    There are two things to consider when viewing fish at the pet store, and why it's not great to try to make your tank look like that-

    -those fish only have to endure the stress of crowding for a couple of weeks before they're sold, and they still have a huge die off, and expect it. Most pet stores 'scoop the dead fish' at least once a day. I was in a Petsmart a couple of weeks ago at the end of the day and there were three dead fish in the tanks.

    -the tanks they keep them in are often connected to extremely powerful filtration with large water sumps, so while it looks like there are 25 fish in a 15 gallon tank, there are 20 fish in a 15 gallon tank with an additional 50 gallons of water connected to it, so it's actually 20 fish in 65 gallons of circulating water.
  19. goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    I have had good luck keeping all males short term. Long term they settle in and become aggressive toward each other.
  20. goplecosWell Known MemberMember

    Endlers are hardier than CPDs and are a better cycling fish. Have you thought about Asian Stone Mini Catfish. You could do:
    6 Endlers
    3 Asian Stone Mini Catfish (add after the cycle)
    4 Nerite Snails.

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