3 Gallon Options


So my friend just gave me an old 3 gallon tank (no leaks, still working) and I was wondering what some of my options are for it. I know my options are limited because of how small it is but wanted to know what you guys think. I am open to pretty much anything (fresh or salt) but would prefer a fish that doesn't need a live diet. Thanks!


Shrimp or snails. Ghost, amano, neos. Nerites, mysteries, rabbits. You get the gist. Three gallons is too small for much else to live comfortably as a permanent home.

Alternatively, you could use it to grow small live foods like blackworms or scuds.


I agree with BlackOsprey. Only other fish you may get away with, is a Betta.


The most I would put in there is, having it very heavily planted, one guppy.


Shrimp would probably be your best bet, or snails (Not rabbit snails tho, they need bigger tanks).

You could get away with a betta, but keep in mind that a plakat betta (a shortfinned one (male or female)) will not get enough exercise in a 3 gallon, veiltails would also likely not get enough. A halfmoon would be borderline. Personally I only ever keep rosetail/feathertail bettas in anything less than a 5, as they struggle to swim normally
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