3 Different Damsels

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    mkinn New Member Member

    Against my better judgement while i was in the LPS my wife found 2 fish she wanted. We have a Blue Velvet damsel and 2 clowns with 2 peppermint shrimp so far, well she wanted a domino damsel and a 4 stripe damsel, i know they eventually get aggressive but figured they are small enough and it's a 110 gallon aquarium with 85+ pounds of live rock they would be fine, till at least they got bigger. Any comments on this?
  2. tyspot1000

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    I wouldnt do it as you would have problems later on and returning fish.

    I would only go with one damselfish as they will not tolerate any other damselfish in the tank.
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    lorabell Well Known Member Member

    I agree......and the domino will probably be the worst......I love damsels...I have 2 yellow tail in my frag tank...only because my friend used them unfortueatly for cycling......theyre fine.....maybe if u like them just have a couple of the same type that may work better....how bout even checking out the chromis.......theyre awesome and love to be in schools

    And I am not sure of this...but have alsway kept it in mind...the darker the damsel the meaner they are......just also remember...ITS ALMOST impossible to remove an unwanted fish from a reef tank
  4. nate21887

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    +1 with lorabell and ty! Damsels of all kinds are very aggressive and once in an established tank especially a reef they are next to impossible to get out. I like the chromis idea, in fact that's exactly what I did lol.
  5. locoyo386

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    Well you got some of the most aggressive damsels. In my opinion they will chase each other around, but in that size tank they will be fine untill they get full size, or in the case of the domino and 4-stripe, around 3".

    As for the rest of your tank, the fish that are already in the tank, the clowns, will be fine. However, any additions will be picked on by the damsels, all 3 of them. This could make it very stressfull for the new additions.
  6. nemo addict

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    There would be 4 types of damsels as clown are part of the damsel family,
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