3 Cory Cats And A Betta Dead

  1. AidenFox Initiate Member

    I have a ten gallon tank that housed a veiltail betta and 4 cory cats. One morning I notice a dead cory and my betta's tail is destroyed. The dead cory was also missing parts of his tail. I concluded that this was tail rot and ran to my LFS to get meds.
    By the time I got back my betta was dead. Fast forward to the next day and I have a cory that was missing parts of his tail and actively dying. By now I've started the Tetra all in one treatment.
    Now on day two of treatment I lost another cory. He tail was intact but he had to have just died when I noticed because he wasn't floating yet.
    I've had trouble keeping ammonia down because of the dying fish but other wise everything is where it should be.
    What else could I be missing?
  2. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    The betta probably had a fight with the corys....

  3. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Yeah, sounds like the betta was taking chunks out of the corries tails. A 10g is pushing it with corries but then adding a territorial betta could definitely be the problem.
  4. AidenFox Initiate Member

    But that doesn't explain the injured fin on the betta or the other two cory cats dying after the betta was already dead.

  5. Sion Member Member

    You said you had trouble keeping your ammonia down, what are your water parameters?
  6. 2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh yeah... weird. And this was all within 3 days or so?
  7. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    They could have died of stress from the betta afterwards and if the levels aren't right they couldn't heal.

  8. AidenFox Initiate Member

    Nirate is about 40ppm. Nitrite has sky rocketed to a 5ppm. Chlorine is 0 and we have some hard and high alkaline water. And then the ammonia is about a 1ppm.
  9. AidenFox Initiate Member

    I think the Nitrite went up because of an accidental over feeding and there's no bio filter because I started treating for possible illnesses.
  10. Sion Member Member

    Overfeeding could cause a short spike in nitrite or ammonia but it would pass within a day as it all got converted to nitrate. Your nitrite has gone up as you have lost or partially lost your cycle. Nitrite, ammonia or a combination of both above 1ppm can be lethal to fish.

    I'd be performing multiple large water changes daily until the levels drop or you face losing all your fish

  11. AidenFox Initiate Member

    Should I stop treating the tank then?
  12. Niki Rose Well Known Member Member

    Clean water I think is a priority as nitrite poisoning could have contributed to their death
  13. AidenFox Initiate Member

    Okay will do. Thank you.
  14. AidenFox Initiate Member

    So after a few days I believe my efforts were too little and too late. The last of cories has died and out of the shadows comes two feeder shrimp that managed to avoid being eaten. There are several shells in this tank so I assume they hid under one and came out when the beta slept. They and they alone now roam this tank. I believe I shall keep it empty while the nitrogen cycle rights itself. No sense in killing more fish. The plants look nice though. Lots of new growth.
  15. JamieXPXP Well Known Member Member

    Plants usually love it when the tank is cycling so it's not surprising. Sorry to hear about the rest of your fish :(