30 Gallon Tank 2x Ai Prime Hd And Dual Bulb Ho T5 Ati Coral Plus


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Anybody want to share lighting configuration? Do you prefer LED or T5? MH maybe? I have $450 worth of LED on my 24 gallon display. I'd trade in a second for a 6 bulb ATI T5. I really don't think that LED technology is quite there. I put the T5 fixture up and noticed immediate reaction from corals. They've all noticably grown in a month.


May I say nice tank you got there I generally used led like kessils but T5/led hybrid would be my dream light since you get the best of both worlds.


I prefer LED for programming options and production and zero bulb replacement. I agree that a multibulb T5 fixture still has an edge in terms of coral growth. MH Lights are dinosaurs though.

BTW is that a Copperband and some form of Foxface or Tang in that 30 gallon? I hope it's just temporary. Way too small for those fish.


I'm a big fan of LED.
I had the Maxspect R420r (Razor) on my setup. The 16000k version, and loved it.

I think with LED, the technology is there, if you choose the right stuff.

My fixture used 40 x 3W Cree diodes. The Cree are highly regarded in the hobby, and are arguably the "best on the market" based on reefer feedback I've heard and researched.

I'm not a fan of 1W diodes, unless it's a shallow tank, but I'd still be looking for Cree diodes.

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