2nd try at Small Pond

Discussion in 'Ponds' started by peacemaker92, Apr 19, 2010.

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    I don't know if to call it pond or not but it's a small bowl/fountain/pond in my front garden. I've had guppies in there but they only lasted for 2 days. I wasn't sure if keeping a pond was a bit same as keeping a tank so please forgive me.

    So this fountain/pond is currently empty but it fills up when it rains here everyday so I need to have some Guppies or any mosquito laevae eating fish because mosquitoes are a big threat here in my country. So... I need advice and steps, do's and don'ts, etc...

    The fountain is around 3-4 gallons. My job is to put fish in it or else my parents might plan to get rid of it. Questions are, what do I have to do to avoid more fish deaths? Help anyone? Thanks! :)
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    At 3-4 gallons, it isn't big enough to house guppies.
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    I use mosquito dunks. Don't know if you can get a product like that there. It contains an organism that keeps the mosquito larvae from maturing but is not harmful to people or animals. For that amount of water it would take very little, so a little would go a long way.
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    Yeah.. That's what I thought too.. :(

    I don't think they sell that same product here. But I'll check. Thanks!
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