29g stocking list

  1. mr. Clown Loach Member Member

    right now it has two giant danios, a surviving scissortail rasbora, and a dwrf gourami. i plan on getting rid of the danios and rasbora. my list for the tank is the following:

    Dwarf gourami
    angel fish
    bolivian ram
    6 schooling fish of some sort (suggestions?)
    6 skunk cories

    this sound good? if any fish gets too big i can add them to my 63g when the time comes.
  2. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    Imo thats a little to much how about take out the angels and replace the bolivain rams with German blue rams?
  3. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd the DG or the Angel, but not both. DGs are know to go a little psycho when they feel cramped, and a full grown Angel will certainly make the tank cramped for any other centerpiece fish. A Ram, or a pair of Rams shouldn't be too big of a deal, since they stay at the bottom, but I would still keep an eye on them, though. Looks pretty good though! What kind of schoolers are you thinking of? :)
  4. mr. Clown Loach Member Member

    i am open to suggestions for schooling fish! cant make up my mind. is there anything i could get instead of the angel? or could i keep the angel in there until it gets too big then move it to my 63g?
  5. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Do you have it already? I'd say just put him in there now, unless you think he'd get beat up. If you don't Just sick with the DG, would be my thought. If you'd rather have the Angel, you could either rehome the DG, or put him in the 65 gallon. I just looked at your stock, and I think he'd be able to hold his own, but I'm not there to see how your fish normally act, so I couldn't say for sure ")

    As for schoolers, Black Neons are really nice fish :)
  6. mr. Clown Loach Member Member

    wait...a dwarf gourami with an oscar? never heard of that combination... haha will the dwarf gourami eat the neons? although the oscar is rather peaceful b/c his previous home.
  7. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    You have an Oscar?? I think you need to update your Aquarium Info! LOL
  8. mr. Clown Loach Member Member

    It's updated to me...just updated it yeterday before I posted this thread lol