29g Black Convicts Tank

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  1. Kyle W.

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    I have been researching and debating on what kind of cichlids to get, and finally decided on Black Convicts. While looking at my local PetCo, I got lucky enough to find a mated pair that just had some fry. I have this 29 gallon tank with some Texas Holey Rock, with white sand as the substrate. Is there anything else I might need in there to make them happier? I think the many hiding spots/caves should be good, but any others opinions would be appreciated! My wife added the two frogs in love...gotta make them fell welcome in their honeymoon suite.

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  2. MattS99

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    Sounds like you should be ok. 20 gallons are recommended for a breeding pair, so it's good that you're over the minumum. There still is a very, and I mean VERY small chance that the male could turn on and attack the female still.
  3. Kasshan

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    to avoid domestic violence get some dithers th handle getting abused by the convicts. Fast deep bodied tetras like black skirts match convicts in color theme can diffuse aggression.
  4. MattS99

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    Not too sure how they'd handle a dither in a tank that size. If you don't care about the color scheme, I suggest Colombian Tetras. I will brag about them to anyone at any time.
  5. OP
    Kyle W.

    Kyle W.New MemberMember

    I will keep an eye on him to make sure they keep getting along. Even though it's a small chance, I didn't realize they might do that.

    And I wouldn't have to worry about the Convicts going after another fish too much once they have their fry? I know they can get pretty mean.
  6. ChrisX

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    You will probably have to add more hiding spaces. Some clay pots, more rocks, etc.
  7. MattS99

    MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    I wouldn't even touch another fish in a tank that small with convicts, but that's just me. If you really want a dither, just go for a hardier, faster, bigger tetra (like Colombians).