29g 3/4 complete


there all babys,
when they are a bout 3 inches,
they go in a 55 or a 60,
which ever is availible,
when I get batteries I will have pics :]]
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1-electric yellow
1-blue/black striped
1-orange peacock
1-smaller white, looks like an electric but its white
how would I put up pics on this page?
(one of my friends said that africans do not have color, and they go good with south americans, and he says his jack dempsy
has more color, I disagree, he has a jack dempsy,pink african,giant danio,2 crawfish,and a bunch if mosqiuto fish, all in a 20t.
I told him it was way overcrowded, and his mosq. and dempsey are living in fear.
has much to learn, but he won't listen to me, now that is overcrowding,
and ive thought for a second, and desided to get rid if my tetras in my ten,
and get a nother puffer, and 2 ottos,
and a lot more plants.
I have pics but don't know how to put them up


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