29 Gallon Tank Setup

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  1. EffaMoultonValued MemberMember

    I will soon be setting up a 29 gallon community-planted tank and I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet. The only thing I know I want for a fish is some type of Gourami. I would like ideas on some stuff that I have listed below. Thank you!

    -Fish: Gourami.... (and some other fish)

    -Heater: Something adjustable that’s reliable and won’t get stuck on and kill my fish (hopefully won’t cost an arm and a leg)

    -Filtration: A small hang on back (maybe rated for a smaller tank) and a sponge filter (or two)

    -Substrate: I want to grow low tech plants and want something kind of natural looking

    -Lighting: Something that will grow low tech plants

    -Aquarium hood:
  2. FishGirl38Well Known MemberMember

    For the Heater, I personally recommend marina brand. I've had Deep Blue heaters explode on me, I've had aqueon heaters start popping and filling with water. Never had any issues with the marina brand heaters other than it dying after 5 years and needing to be replaced. At one point I even forgot to turn it off when doing a water change and had it on outside of the water. It started smoking and sparked, but that was about it once I got to the plug. They seem to be pretty reliable for me, are completely submersible, and have a pretty accurate thermometer/temp guage. For a tank that size, at our store, we sell them for around 18-23.99.

    Just curious, why would you get a filter rated for less than the size of the tank you're getting, I'd recommend getting an HOB rated for the size of your aquarium and also using the sponge filters as supplemental filters. I personally like the Aquaclear brand filters because they work well (and are easy to troubleshoot when they're not working well, the motor is very accessible and the impeller well isnt hard to clean/take apart.) One of my 5 aquaclear filters doesnt prime on its own, I have to go into the impeller well while the filter is set up and push the impeller with a screwdrivers to get it going. But this is the only aquaclear I have that has this issue (AC70), its about 4yrs old and I'm pretty sure the impeller axel is crooked, which is what is causing that problem. <--basic wear and tear and it still works fine.

    Aside from that though, aquaclears have an open filter basket opposed to most tetra or marineland filters that force you into buying their ffilter pads. Every filter will come with the necessary media needed to set the tank up, but after that you could add Whatever media you want in WITH the necessary media. I currently have 5 different types of media in my aquaclear that I couldnt ever fit into a tetra or marineland filter.

    Flourite by Seachem is what I use for a planted tank substrate. I've tried the flourite black and the flourite red. Personally for what you're looking for, the red or brown varieties are probably best. Though because it is gears for live plants it's a bit expensive. At our store we sell it for around 30$ a 15lbs bag.

    For lighting....if you want a black plastic hood for the top, then you're limited to buying flourescent or LED hood 'kits'. These have the light included. A higher light flourescent bulb will work fine for growing low tech plants, if you went the LED route, you may be able to use medium light plants as well. Basically, a Flourescent bulb (something like flora glo, aqua glo, or sun glo) if those bulb options are available to you, would work just fine. If you wanted a for-sure kinda buy, an LED is the go to route. (you shouldn't need to replace the light with an LED either, granted, that means when the fixture itself goes, you'll have to replace it, but it should last you quite a few years opposed to the 6-12months you may get out of a flourescent bulb.)

    At our store, I wanna say flourescent fixtures are around 75$ or so and the LED fixtures are around 120$ or so.

    You could instead go with a glass canopy and light fixture seperate, this would open up your options a bit and allow you to choose what light fixture you'd prefer, but if you're sticking to low tech, this may be the more expensive - less worthy option.

    hope I helped some.

  3. SamanthaljayValued MemberMember

    I have a 29 gal tank too! I would suggest reading through the builds section as well as the stocking and member tank sections to help get ideas.

    Here are what I use in my set up:
    Aquaclear 70 HOB filter (you could get away with the AC 50 but I love the 70)
    150 watt heater. I have the Marina brand. it is adjustable
    Sponge filter+ tetra whisper 40. I have used both the large size sponge filter and the smaller corner size.
    I have a glass hinge top, not a hood. My light is a Fluval Aquasky. It was def an investment so hopefully someone else can suggest something more budget friendly for you.

    As far as stocking goes I highly recommend Honey Gourami if you want a Gourami. I have 3 and they are awesome! As far as anything else it really depends what you like. I would say get your tank set up and while you are cycling you can finalize your stock plans since it will take you a month+ to get it cycled and ready for fish. If you want an idea of stock here is what I have in my tank and I consider it fully stocked:

    3 Honey Gourami
    8 Bronze Cory
    5 Black Harlequin Rasboras
    6 Gold Tetras
    1 Red Flame Tetra (he is my loner, his friends all died about 6 months ago :( )
    1 Albino BN Pleco
    2 Nerite snails and 1 unidentified snail that came in on a plant
  4. EffaMoultonValued MemberMember

    Wow, thank you for putting so much effort into your response. It was definitely helpful! I think I’ll definitely go with the heater you recommended. I was thinking about using a smaller HOB filter because it would be cheaper and I could make up for it being small with sponge filters. My current HOB that I use on my 10 gallon has bio rings and some filter material that seems to be working well. I would kind of like to go the LED route for lighting but it seems expensive. Thanks again for your response and I will look into the products you suggested. I’m also wondering what store you were talking about?
  5. Otocinclus13Valued MemberMember

    For gourami, I second Honeys. They top out at 2", have very peaceful dispositions, and use every inch of the tank when foraging for snacks. Make sure you get 2-3 females per male though, as the males can be pushy when they want to spawn! Dwarf gourami get a little bigger, have tons of health problems, and can be bullies to other community fish. I don't consider them to be worth the trouble, but to each their own.

    For other fish, I'm currently hooked on my silvertips. They're busy, sassy, and awesome! I've also been looking into espei rasbora. I live big schools of little fish, and they're so bright!

    My substrate is pool filter sand, and I love it! Bought a 25lb bag for less than $10. It's easy to clean (just swirl the gravel vac over the surface during water changes and food/poop/debris gets sucked up rather than having to deep-clean gravel when that gunk falls through the cracks). I'm successfully growing low-light stem plants in it as well as swords, anubias, java fern, and a banana plant. I use liquid fertilizer for the stem plants, anubias, and java fern, and homemade root tabs for the swords and banana plant (you can buy root tabs if you'd rather). Weekly squirt for the liquid fert, and every couple of months I pop a new root tab or two in the sand near my rooted plants, and boom. Happy plants.

    PS. SamanthaJay, I love your stocking! Very well balanced and interesting. I bet it's a fun tank to watch!
  6. SamanthaljayValued MemberMember

    Thanks! It really came together nicely
  7. EffaMoultonValued MemberMember

    Honey gouramis look really cool! I think I’ll go with those if I can find them. Thank you

    Thanks for the info on dwarf Gouramis. I really like the idea of the pool filter sand, I’ll take a look at what the local hardware store has. Also, how do I make sure I buy a male and three females.
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  8. roXenValued MemberMember

    I also have recently setup a 29 gallon tank. Here's what I bought:

    Aqueon glass hood
    Beamsworks 30 inch light
    Aqueon 29 gallon glass tank
    Aqueon 150 watt submersible heater
    Top Fin Silentstream 40 filter
    Flourite Black substrate (30 lbs)

    Setup seems to be running well for me so far. I have a single betta in the tank right now. I originally had an aqueon quietflow 30 filter but it was excessively loud. The Top Fin filter has a buzzing noise but it's much quieter. Applying vaseline helped quiet it down a lot.
  9. EffaMoultonValued MemberMember

    Nice! I’ll have to take a look at the glass hood and light that you’re using. Thanks.