29 Gallon Tank ~ One School Or Two?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by blissfulbunny, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    I'm thinking ahead (still working on plants/cycle).

    If I went with two moderately large schools of nano fish, say 8-10 each of rummynose tetra and green neon tetra, will they have room enough to roam (as two schools) in my planted 29 gallon? Or should I pick one or the other (and go with a larger school)? I purposefully kept the front half of the aquarium open for schooling, with a variety of plants in the back.

    Decisions. I got sand for Corys. It seems they school and it's best to have 5-6. I would love 5-6 Sterba Corys, 3 mini plecos, and 2-3 male guppies in addition to my school(s).

    My last tank was a 10 gallon, which I kept pristinely clean. I'm not sure what is best for the 29 gallon. And what is best for the fish!

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  2. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    What about harlequin rasboras instead of the second school of tetras? That way you can have two different types of fish. I am doing black skirt tetras and rasboras in mine with false julii corydoras. And also a couple of Bolivian Rams. They are being added to 5 glo-tetras and a Dwarf Gourami. That is the plan anyways, it may change before I actually get them lol

    Edit: I just realized you said nano fish.. you can ignore my post if you want. lol

  3. AradesValued MemberMember

    Yeah it should be fine.

  4. JeffKWell Known MemberMember

    I would stick with just 1 pleco in a 29 gal. Even the smaller plecos like bristlenose and clown plecos are big poopers so they contribute a large bioload.

  5. aquatickeeperFishlore VIPMember

    What mini pleco are you thinking of?
  6. BetrayerWell Known MemberMember

    Both rummy nose tetras and green neons are beautiful fish! The decision about one or two schools really comes down to personal preference. Two schools allows you to enjoy two different types of fish and offers some visual variety. One larger school can have a very strong visual impact and may look more cohesive.

    I agree that you would be better off sticking with one bristlenose pleco. Luckily, they are not schooling fish and would be perfectly comfortable as the only pleco in the tank.

    Cories are such sweet fish. I love their personalities. I would suggest having at least 6, possibly 7-8.

    There are a few members who are very knowledgable about stocking, so maybe they will chime in too. Best of luck with your new tank!
  7. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    Oh great, I didn't realize plecos are solitary fish. I will only get one. I just found out the bristlenose pleco doesn't get big, so I'll want one of those.

    All my life, one of my least fav colors has been red. I never wear it. Who knows why. I think the red on rummynose tetras is cute. But I don't like full on orange to red fish. My fav color is blue. If I found a blue fish that is around 1-2" that isn't a nipper or have aggression problems, that would be ideal.

    Now if I could just find a fish to match my sofa (art joke).
  8. BetrayerWell Known MemberMember

    Green neons have a lot of blue on them, so they might be a great choice for you! You will definitely be able to find guppies with blue shades too. If you decided to do something different from the guppies, a single powder blue dwarf gourami may be nice.

    I agree that a bristlenose pleco is a great choice for you. They are kind of odd-looking, but in a totally adorable way :)
  9. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    Ya the bristlenose is really ugly-cute! Green neons are definitely in the top five.
  10. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    Oh great, I didn't realize plecos are solitary fish. I will only get one. I just found out the bristlenose pleco doesn't get big, so I'll want one of those.
  11. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    I would do 2 schools, personally. You could do two schools of 8 in the middle and one for the bottom.
  12. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    yes I was thinking if i went for two schools it would be great to choose fish in different parts of the tank.
  13. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    I would just go with one larger school, especially if you are adding pleco. You could have 2 schools if they were nano fish but I wouldn't class rummynoses and nano fish.
    I would stick to one pleco.
    The cories would be happier in a larger group and you have room for more.

    So full stocking would be
    10-12 rummynoses or green neon
    8 sterbai cores
    2-3 guppies
    1 clown or BN

    8 green neon
    8 ember tetras or similar
    8 sterbai cores
    2-3 guppies
    1 clown or BN
  14. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    I will likely go with one school as I will be providing that space to move about. I keep getting caught in cute versus colorful. Rummynose Tetras are so cute I can hardly stand it. LOL, I love them. But then, the Neon Green Tetras are so beautiful. They look blue, which is my favorite color. Choosing bites, lol.
  15. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    It's a 29. You can have two schools of fish that are not 'nano'. I would just make it two groups of 8, no more.
    I mean fish like rummynose and cardinal, 1.5-2.2 inches in length.
  16. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    So 8 rummynose, 8 green neon, and 8 salt & pepper corys would work in a 29?
  17. aquatickeeperFishlore VIPMember

    Rummynose need warmer water than the salt & pepper cory
  18. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember

    I checked the freshwater fish page. Rummynose Tetra range is listed as 72°F - 80°F.

    Salt & pepper cory range is listed as 77°F - 80°F, and there was a note that they "will adapt to a wide range of water parameters but will do well when the tank temperature is kept in the high 70's F.

    I keep my tank at 77 degrees. It sounds like I would be okay??
  19. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    I wouldn't keep salt and pepper cories above 76, where did you read that they are good in the high 70s?
    I would do sterbai or aeneus cories instead.
  20. blissfulbunnyValued MemberMember


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