29 Gallon Tank Lake Tangyika Stock List?


I want to set up a 29 gallon lake Tangyika tank and am looking for advice on a good sticking list for the tank.


Neolamprologus multifasciatus with Julidochromis marlierI are my recommendations. Julies are absolutely stunning fish ( when fed right ). The multis have make up for color with personallity and the blue neon eyes look great under the right light. I have a 10 gallon right now with some breeding and its not stop entertainment between the Julie keeping the population down and the MultI parents defending their fry from him.

Keep in mind allot of lake Tanganyika fish are bottom dwellers and thrive in hard water...my multis spawn around a ph of 9.

I've also seen Paracyprichromis nigripinnis in Tanganyika tanks that look stunning and from what I saw they hang closer to the top of the water column then the multis or julies.
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