29 Gallon Tank Filter Decision?

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Hey guys need some help deciding on a filter to get for a 29 gallon. It will be lightly/moderately planted with low-light plants. I was basically narrowing it down to an AquaClear Power Filter 50 which I could get for $45 (didn't have next bigger model in store) or Fluval C4 (possibly C3?) for $48. I eliminated the Marineland Penguin from some reviews I read about it and the fact that it would only be about $7-10 less than these other two. I read that the GPH should be about 8-10x's the gallons your tank can hold. Isn't that a bit overkill if it says it can handle a tank up to double my current size? I was just wondering as I don't want to be cheap, but I also don't want to have an overkill filter as I don't have very much money to spend on a tank I know I will be upgrading in a few more years. Thank you!
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8-10x is good for a power filter. Out of the 2 you mentioned, I would prefer the fluval, but I haven't had experience with either.
Matt B
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I have an aquaclear and it seems as far as hobs go a lot of people seem to prefer them. They hold a lot of media and have that cool adjustable flow feature which is handy at feeding times. The aquaclear 50 you mentioned moves 200 GPH so would put you below the recommended 8-10x turnover.
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I run an aquaclear 70 on one of my 29's and an emporer 400 on the other and will be switching to all aqua clears shortly.Foster and smith have a 70 for $44.99
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I had a 200gph filter on my 29 and it was fine.

I read that wrong I thought you said aqueon(need to learn to read lol, JK). I actually perfer the AquaClear
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In my 55 gallon I have a AquaClear 70 & Penguin 150 and an aquaclear in my 10 gallon I have been happy with both
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When I look at filters, I always assume that the GPH is BEFORE any media is placed into it. If you go with the AC 50, once you have each level filled with media the gph will be substantially lower than what it proclaims. I have an AC 70 on my 29 gallon. Like you said, they have the nice flow adjuster. You can always go lower if you get the AC 70, but you can't go higher if you get the AC 50.
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I have an AquaClear 50 on my 29 gallon, and it has always seemed to do a good job.

That being said, if I was doing it over again, I would go with the 70.

You can always turn the 70 down a bit, but you can't turn the 50 up.
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I have the AC 50 on my 15 gallon long. I love that it can be adjusted. I am getting a 29 gallon high next week and had considered (at the lfs advice) moving it to the 29 gallon but I think after reading these posts, I will keep the AC 50 on my 15 gallon and go for the AC 70 on my 29g.
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In my 29 gallon, I have a Sunsun HW302 canister filter (had this one only two weeks thus far and still getting to know it, but I had heard positive reviews from others here on fishlore before I got it) and I also have a Hydro III sponge filter which is rated for Up to 40 gallons on it's own. I highly recommend the sponge filter as a secondary / backup filter. I have read that it is better to overfilter one's aquarium, and that two filters are better than one. The sponge filter may not be as powerful as my other filter, but it is very reliable and very low maintenance / easy. The o ly downside to the sponge filter is that it needs to be operated by an air pump, and the air pump is a bit louder than I would prefer it to be (one buys air pump separately, and they have names like Whisper or Quiet, but they are not as quiet as the canister filter for example). Despite this flaw I would still recommend the sponge filter with air pump as a secondary filter.
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Okay from what Ive seen about the Fluval, it seems to be a good filter and has good media options too and it would be 264 gph instead of the 200 gph for the AC 50. Ill have to take a look at the AC 70 their site. My one concern is that the AC 70 would be too powerful for the fish, even with flow regulation.
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I have the fluval c4 on my 40 gallon tank works really good.
It is really quiet easy to clean.
Overall I like my aquaclears a little better.
They have a little more room for different media types.
I would get either one they are great filters.
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Thanks to everyone for all of the help. I just bought the AquaClear 70 Power Filter off of Amazon.com for $38.25 with free shipping.

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