29 Gallon Stocking


HI All! I wanted to know how my Stocking plan(s) sound for my finally cycled 29 Gallon!

Plan 1:
x1 Angelfish
x10 schooling fish (either cherry barbs, Harlequin rasboras, or silvertip tetras)
x7 guppies (3 males, 4 females)

Plan 2:
x1 DG or betta
x13 neon tetras
x7 guppies (long story but I have to have the guppies)

How many rummynose could I put in if I was doing a species tank? Just curious



Based on replies I have gotten on the Angelfish, I don't think you could do that many schooling fish and the guppies with the angelfish. Maybe just the Angelfish, the guppies and a bottom feeder? Not completely sure though.
My current plan is a DG, 12 Tetras, 4 Guppies & 6-8 Corys so I would say your second option seems reasonable (again not an expert though lol).

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