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5 years
Hi there,

I have kept fish for about 5 years in a 35 gallon aquarium (gouramis, red tailed sharks, mollies, platys, guppies ect.) i haven't had a tank running in about 3 years. I started to cycle a new tank 3 days ago (29 gallons) Yesterday i just put in a few mollies and guppys to get the cycle going over the next month or so.

I'm looking to put something interesting in the tank once it has cycled.. other then the usual fish i have kept in the past. I have looked in to Panther crabs, african frogs, axolts, cichlids.. any suggestions on what would be a neat pet?

-I want something that is not going to outgrow the tank ( i plan on getting a bigger tank eventually but not for a few years)
-Something that will be happy in a 29 gallon
-Lower maintenance (bi-weekly to monthly water changes are fine but not looking to change water every week)
-Open to one critter or many
All suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance
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