29 Gallon Stocking


I started a 29 in my office 2 weeks ago.

Originally stocked it with 9 harlequin rasporas and 6 bronze corys. The tank was started with 2 seasoned sponge filters and 2 of 4 filter cartridges were seasoned.

Parameters after 5 days were 0, 0, 10.

I was off last week and my secretary said 2 harlequins died on Tuesday but no more deaths since?

Anyways, after checking parameters tomorrow, curious what to add?

I saw some red dwarf gouramis at a fish store 2 hours from the office and really want one.

So my plan is build the harlequins up to 12-13.
Add a couple albino corys since I have BDBS substrate and think they will look cool against the black and school with the bronze.

My real question is, do I add a school of rummy nose tetras or 9 cherry barbs?

I have the cherrys in a tank at home and although only 2 males, they are hardy and easy.

Concerned the rummy noses will take up the same space as the harlequins.

The dwarf gouramis is getting added last, in 3-5 weeks.



Rummy noses. Cherry Barbs can get a bit wild sometimes, IMO...and be food hogs as well.

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