29 gallon stocking

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    slipknotgrrl83 Member Member

    Alright here I go again. looking for stocking suggestions. thinking of going reef, I have given away my puffer due to issues with him eating and my pseudo died the other night. down to just a maroon clown. what would be good to put in tank, I was
    thinking chromis so I can get a few but I would like some opinions, I have a few cleaner shrimp in QT now, I couldn't have them before due to puffer eating them but now I can and I have them and am going to get a few snails as well. im looking to
    get 3 smaller sized fish if possible. not another pseudo though because all he did was hide; Suggestions people?
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    reeftofish Member Member

    You can get a yellow coris wrasse, or some sort of goby, maybe a six line wrasse, a damsel, some sort of blenny like the canary blenny or even some dwarf angel like coral beauty or flame angel
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    Wholly Initiate Member

    Just wondering how your stocking was going, have similar question. I have a new light for corals coming in this afternoon but the tank is still in its infancy. I have one damsel right now. I was looking at the orca clowns and a hawkish for the future. Probably get a goby once the tank gets fully established.