29 Gallon Stocking Plan

  1. m

    marcin New Member Member

    Hi guys! Just wanted your opinion on the stocking idea I have for a 29 gallon tank.
    Currently cycling a 29 gallon tank with an Aquaclear 70.
    I’m thinking of:
    5 panda cories
    2 honey gouramis
    7 neon tetra
    7 harlequin rasbora
    7 cherry barbs

    Aqadvisor lists this setup as 101% stocked with no problems and I know they are pretty conservative with their numbers.
    What do you guys think? Will this be a successful tank? Are there too many separate schools? Any fish don’t go together?
  2. d

    danhutchins Valued Member Member

    Sounds fine to me. I personally like different schools.
  3. OP

    marcin New Member Member

    Awesome thanks for your feedback :)