29 Gallon Office Stocking

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  1. Hunter1

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    I have done a little research for this tank and here is my initial stocking idea. The tank will be heavily planted with tall sword on one side, a couple of dwarf chain swords on the other side, some Italiac Val in the back and a large while quartz rock tunnel in the center on top of black sand substrate. Floating plants on top.

    Temperature 76

    11 harlequin rasboras
    7 head and tail light tetras
    7 pepper corys

    Per aqadvisor i’m at 95 stocking.

    So my questions are:
    1) is this too many top schoolers? Cause I think the tetras are more middle than top?
    2) can I add a “center piece” fish?

    Thinking either a dwarf gouramis, nice swordtail male, a pair of red wag platys or 2-3 fancy male guppies?

    All opinions welcome.
  2. Initiate

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    Dwarf gourami sounds nice, heavily planted and aggression spread between all the fish.