29 Gallon Ideas?


HI everyone! I want to set up a 29 gallon freshwater tank over the next few months. HOWEVER...I am unsure what kind of setup to go with. Can you give me some suggestions? Some ideas I have thought of include;

- An African cichlid tank (not sure whether they could get along in a tank that size, though)
- A hi-tech planted tank with either angelfish or paradise fish AND a school of schooling fish

Any other ideas or thoughts on the above two ideas? Thanks


29 gal is good enough..you can stocking cichlid up to 10 to 15..but schooling fish a problem here..tetra is schooling fish,mean they will swim around the midle of aquarium..cichlid is territorial fish,not good for tetra,same goes to anglefish,they will chase tetra than come near him..paradise fish very agresive in the gourumI family..when its heavy planted tank,than u just need,only one type of them..combination 4 of them,will make tetra or other schoolling fish get sress,and lead to fish desease..cichlid tank need sand layer.and lot of hiding place..they agresive,especially when breeding time..u can use hard plant like anubias etc..since cichlid like playing with the sand,basically you can't planted the plant on substrate..they will dig it..hehe..so plant that tying with driftwood is the best option..here u need 2 space..cichlid need sand,plant need driftwood..how about make them like 2story ..full sand layer with hiding place and driftwood that not reach the bottom?..happy planted cichlid tank


African cichlids grow between 4"-8" depending on species.

From what I have researched in the past, a 55 gallon is usually the recommend minimum for African Cichlids.
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Yeah, 29 gallon seems too small for most African cichlids I have researched...I will keep brainstorming.


Have you considered dwarf cichlids? I believe you can do a mating pair of say apistogramma cacatuoides with neon tetras. I haven't kept cichlids yet, but have done some research and a few articles support this and videos of tank builds showing these two together. Angelfish are a type of cichlid, they would prefer a taller than long tank. It seems overall cichlids will eat anything that fits in their mouth and for angelfish . . .small fish fit (tetras, guppies, etc). There's some people with the exception, but often it's because they got the angelfish young and/or it's a smaller angelfish. Either way you may get a more than averagely aggressive cichlid and you should be prepared to change up the stock if so

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