29 Gallon Glofish

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by 29glo, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Hey new to the site figured I'd post say hi and show you what I have. I started in April with a small 10 gallon with 5 Glofish Tetras.

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    It didn't take long and I was sick of the 10 gallon taking up my counter space so it was time to move it. Then I remembered my in-laws had an old 29 gallon sitting around. So in June out from storage it came.


    I was soon upgrading but first I needed a larger filter system and a stand. My coworker who has a 120gallon had an unused Fluval 306 he gave me. I did buy a temporary Whisper 30 to throw my old media from the 10 gallon in to help cycle the tank.


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    After a week and the Glofish were doing well.
    I decided to add a few more fish. I drove to two hours to the LFS and picked up a Albino Bristle nose Pleco to keep the tank clean, an Angelfish, a Sailfin Mollie and a small blue ram.



  4. 29gloNew MemberMember

    As of now for some reason we lost the Angel pretty quick. Then just last week we randomly lost the Sailfin it was swimming around fine with no issue one minute and than about 10 minutes later it was gone laying on the bottom of the tank. All the others are doing good and have not had any issues.


  5. 29gloNew MemberMember

    Just an update I added another Long fin Glofish and a small red Barb as well and everyone is doing good. ecd70a04f1affeb73c7684a5eae96955.jpg9284a420962ef995c3d2afbc78c8931e.jpg
    Now we have a fish named after every character in the Paw Patrol cartoon.

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