29 Gallon Finished Cycling

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    Hi all,

    My 29 gallon recently finished cycling (used safestart, probably too much but I figure better safe than sorry) and some ember tetras. I did have 1-2 of the ember tetras die (or one disappear mysteriously) but I wonder if they came sick because they were so skinny to start with and never hung out with the others. After testing at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and rising nitrates for a few days, I added some kubotai rasboras. I just added a few more of the kubotai rasboras today because they were being oddly aggressive and nipping at each other. Went back to the LFS and asked, thinking it might be too many males or too small of a group. They grabbed some that we're pretty sure are female, and after adding them to the tank I'm wondering if most or all of the rasboras I got before were male! Totally different since adding the females, and they look completely different from each other, too. The ember tetras have come out of hiding and are mingling with the rasboras a bit even! Water parameters are still great (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, ~20 nitrates). It cycled REALLY fast but the parameters have been spot on for several days so I think it really did cycle. I also have 1 nerite snail. I'm not going to add anything else for a while but here's what I'm planning:

    Idea #1:
    10-12 ember tetras
    10-12 kubotai rasboras
    some blue velvet shrimp
    1 nerite snail (perhaps another of a different kind as well so they can't reproduce?)
    small small bottom feeders like asian stone catfish (but I think they require colder water than the rest of my fish. 75 is doable, but that's at the very upper range for asian stone catfish so I don't know if that would be stressful... if that's not a good idea, any other tiny bottom feeder ideas?)

    Idea #2:
    7-10 ember tetras
    7-10 kubotai rasboras
    7-10 endlers, hopefully light blue
    some blue velvet shrimp
    1 nerite snail, perhaps 1 other snail
    small bottom feeders

    I mainly like teeny tiny fish that are fairly uniform in color. I don't really find the more complex patterns as appealing.

    Some extra info -- tons and tons of plants, lots of light, just added co2. Enough filtration for 50-80 gallons theoretically (Aquaclear HOB rated for 40-70 + sponge filter rated for 10). Temperature is currently at 77 and I think it would be difficult to get it any lower than 72 or 73 especially in the summer. pH ranges from 7.4-8.0. I also have a 12 gallon I haven't started cycling yet so that could be a home for some of them, though my goal is to have many colors in one tank. Thoughts?
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    i think option 2 would be overstocked. Option 1 is what I would go with.
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    Welcome to Fishlore!
    Option #1 sounds good to me. Asian stone catfish actually are an option because ember tetras and kubotai rasboras have a temp range of 68-80F and Asian stone catfish have a range of 64-75F. 72F would be a good middle ground for all of them. Another bottom-dwelling option are corys; if you were to get either of the corydoras species I recommended, 74-76F would be a good temp.
    Something like this would work:
    12x ember tetras
    12x kubatai rasboras
    8x Asian stone catfish OR panda corys OR bronze corys
    2-3x nerite snails (they can't breed in freshwater)
    however many shrimp you want (they have extremely small bioloads)
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    Thanks! That's good to know about lowering the temperature. I think I'm going to wait to see what the summer does to my temperature (top floor apartment, AC bill can be huuuuuge) but I like those options. Panda corys are one that I was looking at, too, so I'm glad to see them suggested! Good to know re: nerite snails as well. I just noticed that the one I have laid eggs all over the wood in my tank today, quite the surprise. But I just read that they can't hatch in freshwater so we're good there.

    My only other worry for catfish/corys is the substrate. I have eco complete and I've seen mixed posts on whether it's too rough for their barbels, and I don't want to hurt them. Any thoughts?
  5. shutterbug13Well Known MemberMember

    I've never used eco complete so hopefully someone who does can chime in.