29 Gallon Aquarium Stand


I have had a freshwater 10 gallon tank going for about 4 months. It is my first experience keeping fish. I currently have it on my bookshelf, in my room. I am thinking about upgrading to a 29 gallon tank this winter. My bookshelf is not big enough to support such a big tank. I am shopping for a stand, but have found most "real" aquarium stands are black. I would prefer a white one, as that matchs the colors better in my space. I would like it to have doors, and storage space inside.

Do you have any ideas of places I might find a white cabinet that is strong/big enough to support a 29 gallon tank?

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


A white stand is something I've never seen before, you could paint a black one, or build your own.
I'm sure there are many instruction online to build simple but strong stands, then you can paint them whatever colour you wanted.
Other than that you would have to find some strong white furniture, probably older furniture as the stuff they make today is generally very flimsy.


My daughters 20 gallon sits on a little white table/nightstand, so long as its sturdy and can fit the tank with no overhang something like that may be an option for you, I know that the bigger the tank the more looking you want to do but then I look at the stand for my 75 gallon and think my sons dresser looks sturdier


Thank you for your advice! I will continue to shop....


Maybe try Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart. Like Nicole mentioned, you can use a nightstand or something other than an "aquarium stand", think outside the box.



Petco can have some great deals and flash sales. The stand that I have for my 29 g is a cherry wood but I don't see why you couldn't paint it white. You would probably want to prime it too. But it's pretty sturdy.



I know dr foster and smith have white aquarium stands. But might be cheaper to paint a black stand white. IMO


Thanks for all the advice. I ended up finding one on Craiglist!

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