29 Gallon African Cichlid tank ( here me out!)

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    saints day eve Valued Member Member

    I know Mbuna are too too small for a 29 Gallon (2 1/2 feet long) but the fish i am stocking (Afra Jalo reef) is just 4 inches (i am buying adults) i will also but 1 male and 3 or females this week. Now theres one 4 inch male yellow lab (black anal fin) and a small female (i think) yellow lab. So my stock in the end would be

    1Yellow lab (male)
    1 yellow lab (female)
    1 Afra Jalo Reef (male)
    4 Afra Jalo Reef (female)

    Also the small (1.5 inch or so) yellow female i have sum place 2 put it and maybe add 1 more female Jalo in the coming weeks.

    So... Small cichlids, over stocked, 3 filters (two 30 gallon and one 45 gallon) and big water changes ( 20% 3 times a week) could it work???

    Also not so many rocks in there now for more swimming room 4 them but can add of needed
  2. FiscCyning

    FiscCyning Valued Member Member

    Personally I wouldn't try it. Is this just supposed to be a temporary tank?
  3. OP

    saints day eve Valued Member Member

    I want it to be can't really move up